Sunday, December 20, 2009

Five Days of Christmas, Post 6!

On the 5th day of Christmas....

Reindeer Soiree! 4The Finished Reindeer Papier Puppen!For this Christmas Post I have decided to do a Christmas Project Tutorial on the Reindeer Papier Puppens created at my house for the Christmas Art Party!
Papier Puppens Project! 5The Papier Puppen Kit
-One chenille stem cut to 6 inches
-Tinsel chenille stems for embellishing
-One 12 by 12 inch piece of crepe paper folded in half (white, pink or red)
-One 4 inch by 4 inch piece of crepe paper (white, pink or red)
-Two 2 inch by 2 inch pieces of crepe paper (beige)
-Six 12 inch by 2 inch strips of crepe paper, pleated (for dress ruffle)
-Vintage greeting card image of a reindeer, layered onto cardstock
-Tools: Tacky glue, hot glue/hot glue gun, scissors, needle, thread.
-Other: Trims, ribbons, millinery, floral picks, sequins, rhinestones, glitter

Step One, Two and Three:
Papier Puppens Project! 4
1. Meaure and cut 6 inches from a chenille stem.
2. Attach tacky glue to each end of a piece of 6 inch cut chenille stem. Place each end onto a piece of 2 inch by 2 inch beig crepe paper, fold, and roll, add a little extra tacky glue to secure.
3. Now add tacky glue to the center of the chenille stem, place onto the 4 inch by 4 inch piece of crepe paper, and roll, secure end with a little extra tacky glue.
Step Four and Five:
Papier Puppens Project! 2
4. Fold the 12 inch by 12 inch crepe paper in half, measure 2 inches in from the un-finished ends, and sew a quick running stitch all the way across, pull together gently, hot glue to secure thread, cut extra.
5. The un-finished folds will be on top are the bodice part, one side will have a slit, that is your dress side, cut another small slit into the other side of the dress, only at the top. This is so you can fold down the dress bodice and place the cover chenille stem into it, for the arms. Refer to the top and bottom photo example.Papier Puppens Project! 3
Step Six:
Papier Puppens Project! 6
6. Layer vintage reindeer image onto card stock w/a thin coating of tacky glue, let dry, cut out, add a small strip of same color card stock, to back of image, glue in place, let dry. Then attach to top insert of dress bodice (refer to example above)
Papier Puppens Project! 7With attached reindeer head
Step Seven:
Papier Puppens Project! 8
7. Pleat the cut strips of crepe paper, fold in half, and glue to bottom of dress using hot glue or tacky glue. Then add to the wrists for extra frou frou ruffles.
Step Eight!
Front of My Doll!
8. Add final embellishments such as more chenille/tinsel, berries, millinery, berries, glitter, etc.

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Grace said...

OMG I love her!! So darn stinkin sweet umm I guess I will make a Valentine one since no time for rudolph now!! lol Thank you so much for sharing looks like you girls had a wonderful time! Hugs Grace