Monday, December 14, 2009

Tinsel Wonderland, Part Three!
Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 16
After working on our dolls, eating and sharing laughter throughout the day, singing classic holiday carols echoing from the hidden stereo in the room, we decided to get down to treasure hunting and looking for rare finds and that is what we found, rare finds which brought even more smiles to our faces.Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 15Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 14Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 12Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 21
All over the Mill you will find wonderful treasures to collect, use or give as gifts. Leave it to Diana to locate the vintage dolls cabinet, we all swarmed on over to get those finds, it was a chorus of girls giggling and smiling as we shifted through each one, keeping as many as we could find that warmed our hearts. Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 28Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 25Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 24Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 27patty me diana
I found several dollies I loved, one of them was a vintage celluloid bride, the other a bisque dollie and a charlotte. I saw Nancy Ann's and Storybook Dolls in boxes, which I had to have, and went back for the next day, lol. Me & Diana: Tinsel WonderlandTinsel Wonderland: Me and Gina! 2Tinsel Wonderland: Tiffany, Me, TerriTerri, Joan and PamWe all managed to buy a vast array of goodies, Patty picked up the cutest twin dollies. One of the goodies Pam bought that I drooled over was the tin doll mold and Terri's cool metal sign, not to mention Gina's old general store receipt books for the late 1800s and Diana's dollies, Tiffany had an adorable book in her hands Joan was adoring the jewelry and Marcel was found looking at some cool stuff outside the Tinsel room, not to mention Agnes as well. We bought so many treasures, lol. Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 11Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 13Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 3Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 8
Many of the girls brought me over the top beautiful gifts, which added to the surprises of the day. I have been wanting one of Pam's vintage style ornaments and she gave me them, omg, they will hang on my Christmas tree with all their magic, Terri, My goodness, made not only me, but my mom too, one of her fabulous and famous necklaces. I have worn it twice already, it hangs from my jewelry dress form in all its regal manner. Diana gave me a pair of her signature ceramic earrings, they are gorgeous, a perfect fit. Gina's gifts friday were over the top from the handmade charm bracelet to the Wendy Addison Ornaments to the vintage trims/scraps, cupcakes and more, Patty's beautiful frame book and necklace, my goodness I felt so spoiled by these gifts, and will treasure them always! Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 5Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 29Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 33After the snow storm had presented the area with close to 8 inches of snow, lol, I had to return to the Mill the next day to get the rest of my workshop supplies and props, glad I did, I ended up finding some more treasures and started some Christmas shopping, not to mention getting a few extra things for myself, lol.After the Event, in the Snow!The Mill the Next day! 6The Mill the Next day! 5No matter where you look, you feel like you escaped to a vintage time, in a secret place, its wonderful and added to our special day.My Finds from Mill Antiques! 16My Finds from Mill Antiques! 12

Hope you enjoyed my adventure and workshop: Tinsel Wonderland!

Magic, and Holiday Joy,


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Vintage Blue Studio said...

I think we all wish we had found those twin dolls that Patty snagged up. I vote that those were the best find of the day!

faerie enchantment said...

I agree, those were the cutest, they looked like the munchkin people from the Wizard of Oz!