Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Through the Looking Glass at Art-Is-You!

This past weekend I chased the rabbit down the rabbit hole to Wonderland in Cromwell, CT at Art-is-You hosted by Ellen Legare and Sallianne McClelland. On the way to Wonderland Mom and I drove through the beautiful fall folliage of NJ, NY and CT, taking in the autumn colors of rich reds, spicey pumpkins and golden yellows as we drove, taking a pit stop at the amazing Tazza Cafe in Armonk, NY, such a cute little country town already joining in the spirit of autumn. Tazza had the best Hawaiian Coconut Coffee and Cupcakes I have had in awhile, so big and delicious, you can find Tazza at:

lisa suze cyndi and terri
Once we re-refueled our hunger, we were off and driving to our final stop: Art-Is-You! We pulled up to the front of the hotel, grabbed parking and headed inside. The day was shining bright my books were delivered and we made it there in good time...Now where was that Vendor Faire, a girl loves to shop and see old friends, so Mom and I made our way to the vendor area, and found a feast for the eyes, fabulous vendors and artisans with amazing artful wares and supplies. I knew off the bat this was going to be like a treasure hunt and it was. I tried to purchase goodies from each booth, but couldn't make it to all of them, just so many wonderful wares.Me and Pam:Art is You!
Me and Sallianne: Art is You!Me and Kecia: Art is You!
Some of the vendors included:

Altered Arts Magazine

Paverpol USA
Just to name a few of the fabulous vendors, to see more, visit the Art is You Website!
lisa and cyndi at art is youScott and Kecia:Art is You!
After chatting and shopping with old and new friends, and finally getting to meet Eileen Grobeck aka Cookala, who I think is AMAZING, Me and Eileen: Art is You!I settled in the room and relaxed w/Mom, Suze and Lenny for a bit, we re-grouped and all headed back down stairs to make dinner plans, after a bit we headed to Tomaso's Italian restaurant, a short driving distance away in attendance was: Terri, Pam, Linda, Kathy, Janette, Janet, Billie, Joan, Kecia, Jane, and Myself and boy was ir quite an evening, when it was all said and done, we were there for close to 4 hours waiting for our dinners, LOL, must have been really homemade from Italy, LOL. But the highlight of the entire night was when we were serenaded by 2 musicians, the first signing: That's Amore, to all of us and when asked what the special occasion was my jokester mother sweetly replied its Janet's Birthday, well all laughter broke loose, who would of expected her to come out with that, lol, Janet nearly fell over, it was hysterical, a nice ending to a wonderful kecia and jane

Now it was off to bed and un-wind for the big day tommorrow, stay tuned.....


Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Lisa!

Looks like SO much fun! Great photos!! Happy you had such a good time.


faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much Miss Holly! xoxoxox!