Friday, October 16, 2009

Art Is You, The Next Post in Wonderland!
After a wonderful night out, we were all exhausted and headed for bed. Terri, Mom and I all shared a room, and we get along great, which made for a wonderful sleep. In the morning, we all headed for breakfast to meet Pam, Billie and Janet for our fabulous buffet breakfast, I stuck to the scrambled eggs and fruit.Janet, Billy and Joan: Art is You!
During breakfast I finally was able to meet Beverly, we had been playing phone and email tag for weeks, she is incredible and lives in South Jersey, not to far from me, we are meeting up again in a few weeks.fairy joyFairy Joy Set up: Art is You!me and the queens gownOnce breakfast was finished Pam had to get down to her class room to teach and the other girls were off to classes or to their vending booths, I on the other hand was off to set up my display and booksMy books at Art is You! 3 for my book signing, under the grand gazebo, Now I was really going to feel like the Queen of Hearts or Queen Alice, I'll appoint my mom the other Queen, lol! Plus she was going to set up a preview of her new jewelry she had been working on the past few months.
Me and Mom! 2!Joan's Booth aka Auroratique! 2Mom's JewelryJoan's Booth aka Auroratique! Mom's Jewelry 2I choose to keep in the Queen of Hearts colors w/pinks, reds, golds, silvers, etc., to compliment my artwork on display and my books. This year I'm getting more and more into a creamy, yet bright candyland color palette I have often referred to as Cupcake Chic, which is a name I have given to this color mix and style that I have been working in. Its a mix of storybook vintage, 50's pastel and modern bright, and everything sugary and sweet in between, LOL!My Dress Form: Art is You!My 2nd Dress Form: Art is You!I dressed the dress forms in pinks and creamy magenta's. They material I used was lightweight pale pink vinyl table ruffles and lightweight vinyl creamy magenta party table cloths, when mixed w/glitter, beautiful ribbons, jewels, and tulle, you can get some wonderful and enchanting results. I headed to the dollar store for the table cloths and ruffles, cost me under $5 for 2 sets each w/tax, alot less expensive then yards of fabric, tulle or crinilon. Once you dress it up it looks like beautiful and you can recycle the vinyl cloths later on for another dress form, for a table cloth, apron, funky curtain, fabric books, etc.kecia me and keithKecia, Me and Keith

Now I was set up for all to see and buy, the books were ready to be wisked away and that they were, before and after the luncheon I was greeted by friends and made new ones sharing stories and projects they made or want to make from the book. Hearing their joy filled me with so much magic which is amazing.under the queens tentfriends of art is youArt Is You: Me and Betti!Art Is You: My Book Signing! 3Art Is You: My Book Signing! 5During the luncheon Sallianne and Ellen displayed a beautiful memory photo slide show, mentioned the event, the instructors and introduced me, I turned red and pink, lol! At our table we shared wonderful stories and ideas. Once dessert hit, everyone ate and headed again to their classes or vendor booths, it was an Enormous Mad Tea Party w/amazing guests, now it was off to visit the wonderland guests heading to the booth.
friends under the queens tentMy mom held the fort, lol, her own stories, personal experiences and making new friends, many at the event remarked on her artful wares and purchased some to wear, Sallianne's Mom and My Mom became instant friends, I think when my mom goes to Australia, she might stay for a long time, lol, its one of her dreams to visit there, she especially loves the accents too, lol.

I took some pics of the vendor faire, check these images out:Dime Store DazeKecia's Booth 3!Kecia's BoothPamela Huntington's Booth! 6Pam's BoothNavel Jelly Studios!Navel Jelly StudiosArt is You: Vendor Faire!The Raffle
During the day their was a raffle to win goodies, I won something and was keeply blown away, it was a piece from Pam Huntington, I love love love it, there were so many things you could in, it was wonderful and I'm happy I won Pam's artwork. But it gets even better, so I walk down to Pam's classroom w/Cyndi to visit Me, Pam, Cyndi: Art is You!and what does Pam do, but surprise me with a gift, yep, a gift in the coolest box w/a vintage crepe paper doll/ornament and vintage glitter houses, yep, I almost fainted, amazing.
The Box my goodies came in

My goodies from Pam!

Here are some pics from Pam's Class:Pam's ClassJane in Pam's Class!Jane in Pam's Class

Each and every guest made me feel loved and adored, I can't say enough, I want to thank Sallianne and Ellen for having me at the event, the attendees for welcoming me, my dinner buddies: Janet, Billie, Cathy, Linda, Terri, Pam, Janette, Jane, and Kecia for the amazing company, all we did was laugh and eat, and be serenaded, lol, if you have the chance come and visit the girls at Art-Is-You!

Sunday Night: Art Is You! 2Sunday Night: Art Is You! 3Hope you enjoyed my adventure!


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