Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Farm Day in October!
Many people who don't live in NJ think the whole area is industrial, that's only a quarter of the state along parts of the parkway, rt.'s 1 & 9, rt. 22, etc, and near the airports, instead NJ is actually the GARDEN STATE for a reason, we have a pleathora of land and farms, garden centers, arboretums, national and state parks. I live near so many farms and parks, I could blog about my findings for a year straight.An October Farm Day! 4An October Farm Day! 3So before we headed home after the Rummage Sale, Mom and I stopped off at Alstede Farm in Chester, 15 minutes from both our homes. I have 10 fave NJ Farms and this is one of them, with the cutest petting zoo area open all year w/cute pigs/pigletts, goats, cows, rabbits, hares, donkeys, horses, roosters, peacocks and more. There is also what I call the Hay Pyramid, of stacked up hay blocks, which make for fun climbing and perfect farm photos.An October Farm Day! Ms. Peacock!4An October Farm Day! Ms. Peacock!An October Farm Day! Love Birds!An October Farm Day! Piglet!An October Farm Day! Daisy Cow!An October Farm Day! Mr. RabbitThere is a huge farm store on the property where you can purchase spice and cider donuts, breads, cakes, pies, fruits, veggies, even ice cream, coffee, cocoa and tea. Lots to buy, during the fall, you'll find an array of different pumpkins, gourds, squash, mums, and other autumn goodies. There are a few little building and carnival style tents set up to buy treats and yummy snacks, perhaps to prep for a hayride or farm adventure.An October Farm Day! 13An October Farm Day! 12An October Farm Day! 11An October Farm Day! 14Of course we left w/a pie and pumpkin bread, a few small pumpkins, apples and NJ heirloom tomatoes, Now we were ready to head home and finish looking at our rummage sale wares, while enjoying a sweet snack.An October Farm Day! 7An October Farm Day! 10An October Farm Day! 5October Rummage Sale! Me and Mom

Magic and Autumn Joy!


Tumble Fish Studio said...

What a lovely charming fall post. Oh, what a pretty side of any state! Blogging makes the world so much more manageable - you were right in my neck of the woods not long ago. (I live in L.A. about a mile from Pasadena) And, here I am "visiting" your neck of the woods on a lovely fall day! Your blog is always a feast of inspiration to visit! Thanks for the visit to my little place!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

I get such joy from going to the harvest places. They are a fave for me and the four kids. Thanks for sharing a lovely day with us dear. Blessings.

Sandy Michelle said...

Lovely pix! Happy Fall! Jude says hello!:)
Sandy xox

Sweetina said...

How Beautiful~I could almost smell the brisk Fall air. Yummy post~would love to visit that farm someday~

priscilla cerda said...

hello my sister from another mister!{a friendly reminder of our beautiful swap ornament!}just stoppin' by to say hello & see how ur doin"!!! i am really trying to make it out to the EC for ur art opera. yahooo!

Vintage Blue Studio said...

I was just up at Alstede two weekends ago for peach picking! What a pretty farm and a nice drive. By the way, I'm contemplating signing up for Tinsel Wonderland since Lafayette is one of my favorite weekend past-times.

Vintage Blue Studio said...
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Marie Antionette said...

Gosh Lisa,
You can tell thats your Mother,you look idenical.Very beautiful.I love this picture.
You look like you were having so much fun. What a kool place to go.I love the pumpkins and animals.You got to know I love the peacocks...LOL.The birdbath is to die for.I love it.
You take care Hon...XXOO Marie Antionette

Julie Bouésso said...

You know, I am one of those folks who THOUGHT that! I might have to revisit again to get a glimpse & feel for the state. Unfortunately, I only have very sad memories of the state - we spent the most horrific vacation there a LONG time ago. I'll promise to visit again! Cheers, Julie

faerie enchantment said...

Hi Everyone, thanks for coming by and visiting! Hope you are leaving w/magic!

I feel so bad, NJ really does have beautiful places to see and have fun at. Next time you come this way, I will point you in the right direction!

Hugs Everyone!