Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Fall Rummage Sale in Far Hills! October Rummage Sale!Who doesn't love a good rummage sale??? They are my all time favorite events to go to, finding all those lost and forgotten treasures discarded by many, waiting to be purchased and brought back to life. The saying is true one man's junk is another man's treasure, especially for me, who recycles everything and brings it back to life.

Mom and I were ready to go at 9am and headed out a half hour away to the sale, which is held twice a year in Far Hills and organized by the VNA. If you have bever gone here before, it can be overwhelming for first timers, who get lost in one booth and forget about the others, eventually winding up with the many who come to buy and stand on line to enter the booths for awhile.My Fave Rubber Boats!After 7 years of attending twice a tear which brings me to 14 times, I have become the pro, learning more and more each year. First off I slip out of my good shoes and put on a pair of chic rubber boots, so I can avoid ruining my good ones from mud and dirt and pack a large tote to carry items on my shoulder.My Rummage Sale Finds! 2My Rummage Sale Finds! 1Then I go to the sale at exactly 9:30am, no later or earlier, and head straight for the Holiday Booth which never has a line. I take my holiday bought purchases back to the car and go back to shop, next stop the kitchen and house ware section, which usually has a small moving line, after I find my wares, again I head back to the car.My Rummage Sale Finds! 3My Rummage Sale Finds! 4My Rummage Sale Finds! 5My Rummage Sale Finds! 6Now its off to the trims and fabrics, tatting stuff, followed by the books. If I am not exhuasted I head over to the other booths or leave and grab lunch, normally we are there for about 3 hours, by that time I am ready for food.My Rummage Sale Finds! 10My Rummage Sale Finds! 9My Rummage Sale Finds! 8My Rummage Sale Finds! 7After lunch we head back to my house and admire our wares, this year I made an extra stop on the way home to an Estate Sale in Long Valley, buying another box of shine bright bulbs, metal cigar tin, wooden toy pull and trims w/ a basket.My Rummage Sale Finds! 11Then we made it to my house and checked out all our treasures. I bought old canning jars w/metal lids, apothecary jars, spice jars, candy jars, test tube containers, sterling silver platters, teapots and cake stands, Bailey's Moon Mugs, vintage books, loads of trims, lace and costume goodies, shine bright bulb sets, vintage mercury glass, tinsel, and more.

Hope you enjoyed my Rummage Sale Adventure!


Suze said...

lisa doll...I tried emailing you..it came back....send me your email again so I can sure I have the right one.

tanya watts said...

looks like you scored some great stuff! have fun with it all xxx

bonnie said...


Isn't the Far Hills rummage sale great? I grew up right up the street and spent my allowance buying old cocktail dresses to play dress up when I was a kid!! I still contribute my stuff twice a year. Small world . . .


Lisa Kettell said...

You guys I love this show, I always score with goodies, lol, just give me a good rummage sale and I'm a happy camper for days, lol!

Bonnie, isn't it fun? I'll be donating some things to the VNA for the next sale as well.

Hugs Suze, Tanya and Bonnie!