Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Prim Glitter Illustrations!Miss Marcy Moonfaires! 4I have been working on a new series of paintings which I refer to: mixed media glitter prim! These paintings start on masonite board and are layered with either vintage piano paper, vintage receipts or scrapbook paper.Miss Marcy Moonfaires! 5Then I hand draw an illustration onto it using a pencil, then re-lined w/a darker charcol pencil, painted, re-outlined, glazed, glittered and re-glazed.Miss Marcy Moonfaires! 2In this picture I was inspired by Elizabeth Gordon's Butterfly Babies Book from the 1920's. I created a piece with cupcake chic colors, some brights, grunge and light distressing. I call her: Miss Marcy Moonfaires, whose a fairy from Starlight Gardens just outside Illuminaria City. Marcy is on her way to the Annual Butterfly Masquerade Ball held at the Beverly Wistica Conservatory at 7pm til Midnight, when the Celestial Sprites of Havenwood set off the midnight fireworks and special light show....Miss Marcy Moonfaires! 3Miss Marcy Moonfaires!
The next painting in this series is The Halloween Carnival! The Halloween Carnival! 2In this picture you will meet two girls named Lilly and Darcy, come join them as they enter the magical Halloween Carnival located on the grounds of Pennywicke Farms in Hollow Bridge. This year Lilly went as a Carnvial Wizard and Darcy as The Pumpkin Hatter, she is a huge fan of Wonderland and Halloween, so she mixed the two themes together. This year the Halloween Carnival will have a surprise Candy Land Parade which will start off with the dragonfly light show w/music by the Spider String Quartet!The Halloween Carnival! 4The Halloween Carnival!The Halloween Carnival! 3

This Painting I was inspired by a bit of folk art/country, mixed w/distressed prim and pastels, I call this one: Hollows Eve Costume Party!Hallow's Eve Costume Party! 3
Everything can happen on Hallow's Eve...That's why Maude and Tabitha are going together to the Hallow's Eve Costume Party at Waverly Hall. Rumors have it, that Waverly Hall is haunted by several ghosts, the most popular are Sophie Carlisle, a socialite whose family owned the property for 200 years and Percy the Wizard, who owned the land before the Carlisle's, his Wizarding family had it for nearly three centuries before losing it to Mr. Toliver Carlisle in a debt, or that's what legend has it. Rumor also states that Percy's family went into hiding as the Carlisle's...Hallow's Eve Costume Party! 2Hallow's Eve Costume Party! 6Hallow's Eve Costume Party! 5Hallow's Eve Costume Party! 4

Stay tuned for the tutorial and supply list on the art glitter blog this week


icandy... said...

These are so beautiful! I LOVE the glitter and your choice of colors!
How whimsical!

Tamerie Shriver said...

Love them all!

Georgina said...

Love these little glittered adorable!

MaygreenFairies said...

Absolutely super!!! Glorious colours, lots of glitter and sparkle. Love 'em. Mandy xx

Patricia said...

I love, love your masked little woman - beautiful. Have a wonderful new week !!!

Bee Serendipitous said...

They are some of the cutest little gals I have seen...pure candy to the eyes...thanks for sharing them with us Lisa...I do love Mizz Marcy..have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! grace peace joy & many blessings 2 U, Marlene

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much Everyone, sending some magic and glitter your way!