Friday, October 02, 2009

Artistic Affaire L'Automne, Los Angeles, CA, Part Five!Santa Monica: Me, Amy, Kim!My final post of the amazing event and weekend of Artistic Affaire, before I begin I just want to say this trip to Los Angeles was a most memorable one, I have met up with old friends and gained new ones, which have made my life that much more magical, all the girls I met were wonderful and beyond amazing, and another huge thank you to Kim Caldwell for all that she did, Kim is the best and I simply adore her and her family, Thank You......Amy and the Famous Hat!With that being said I want to mention the wonderful time I had during the party at Vintage Emporium and the after fun, that Kim showed me and Amy Powers. After dropping off Jessi, Jenn and Sherri at the airport, Kim , Amy and I headed for Santa Monica to visit the Shabby Chic Store. Okay now how excited was I???? Extremely....Santa Monica: Pom Pom!Santa Monica: Kim at Pom Pom!

We parked a few blocks away and began our shopping journey at the cutest chic store called Pom Pom, which had wonderful wares, I saw the cutest chandelier, but didn't think shipping it back would be fun, so I passed it by, but Amy bought the most darling embroidered linens that were so whimsical and storybook like and made in South Africa, beautiful.Santa Monica: Shabby Chic Store! 4Santa Monica: Shabby Chic Store! 2Santa Monica: Shabby Chic Store! 5Then we pressed onto the one and only Shabby Chic store, goodness, you could buy the store, there can only be one, and this is the one, after a stroll around, we left and headed down the street for a late lunch at an Italian restaurant/cafe, it was so delicious, the best part was hanging out with Amy and Kim, sharing stories and creating new ones, just a fantastic time.Santa Monica Shopping!Santa Monica: Kim and Me!Santa Monica: Kim and Amy!Santa Monica: Me and Amy!After our amazing lunch which Amy treated us to, we headed back to the car, doing more shopping at a wonderful Anthropology type store, I think it has become a new fave store for me to visit when I'm in LA, just fabulous chic stuff, when we were finished, all three of us headed back to Kim's car and took a drive down to Santa Monica pier which over looks the beach.Santa Monica: Friendly Feet! 2Okay I have been so busy with work and deadlines, that I haven't seen even the NJ shore this year, so heading down to the salt water was going to be a treat especially since it was nice and warm w/sunny overtones all gleaming around the Santa Monica beaches and waterfront. I keep thinking of the movie: The Lost Boys w/Corey Haim and Corey Feldmen (Which I saw in the movies like 3 times when I was a kid, lol), everytime I looked to my left and saw the amusements and the main part of the pier which extended into the water, such a magnificant sight, when I get back to LA, I will explore Santa Monica some more.Santa Monica! 2Santa Monica!Santa Monica! 5santa monica look outSanta Monica 8Palm trees were everywhere, you don't get to see many real palm trees in NJ or NY on a daily basis, lol, so I must admit I took lots of photos of the palm trees, lol, love them, wish we had more of them by me, I felt like such a tourist and probably looked it too, now I can share those palm tree photos with you, lol, hope you like their tropical magic.Me in Santa Monica!Santa Monica: Georgian Hotel!Santa Monica 15Santa Monica 10
When we left Santa Monica, we headed back to Kim's, and we chatted for awhile until Amy had to leave for the airport, it was so sad now, since everything was coming to a hault, one by one we would be leaving to make our way back home, but we would be leaving with happy memories and new stories to tell, as I have done in the past few posts, telling the stories of my adventure to Artistic Affaire in Los Angeles, CA.

Magic and Joy to my girls at the event and to KIM!

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