Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tinsel Trading: A Magical day w/friends and Wendy Addison!
Me in Tinsel Trading! The Magic!Last week I was told Wendy Addison was coming to town, to sign her beautiful and magical line at Tinsel Trading. had been meaning to visit Marcia and Linda at Tinsel for a few months, so this was the perfect time for me to go on by for a visit and to finally meet up w/Wendy.Me, Wendy and Marcia!Me, Wendy and MarciaAfter speaking w/Terri, we agreed on meeting in the city at 11am, so I gathered up mom and we headed to the city, the ride was smooth, traffic low, perfect parking garage, the only thing I could have done w/o was the rain and cold, lol. Once we met Terri at my fave Au Bon Pain cafe, we walked next door to Tinsel Trading.Me and Mom!Me and Terri!Wendy and Marcia!Now if you have never been I highly recommend it for the following reasons:
-Love at first site: The Ambiance, the magical decor, the merchandise, the treasures.
-The warmth within: The magical staff, their warm/friendly welcome and attitude.
-The experience: The feeling of being in a snow globe of magic and getting lost in your own world of enchantment
-The events: Always a surprise popping up at Tinsel
-Workshops: They have done workshops in the past, I know I have have taught a few of them, now stay tuned for upcoming ones, perhaps this upcoming winter.Tinsel Trading! 4Tinsel Trading! 14Tinsel Trading! 13Tinsel Trading! 11Tinsel Trading! 5Tinsel Trading! 10Okay I can keep going on this, that's because its like my 2nd home, I just don't go in and leave within 5 minutes, I'm there for 2-4hours exploring, shopping and conversing w/friends about events, news and fun, catching up on everything in our lives, my favorite wonderland.

As soon as we all walked in, Terri, Mom and I were instantly greeted by Wendy Addison, she is EXTREMELY nice and beyond talented. Me and Wendy!Me and Wendy .If you are not familiar w/her work, one look and you will soon be engulfed into her world and become an instant fan, can I say magical glitter. Wendy Addison Display! 4Wendy Addison Display!Wendy Addison Display! 3Wendy also has a fabulous line of magical German glass glitters, I love the antique pink, and they come in these vintage containers which look like they came straight out of an apothecary shoppe from 100 years ago.Wendy Addison Glitter!Wendy Addison Glitter! 2Wendy's beautiful works are handmade works of art, her crowns send me into a frenzy, I'm lucky to own one, her chandeliers are over the top and her art oddities belong in everyone's home, studio or magical space. Did I mention the Theater of Dreams handmade, handbound, hand numbered book?, That is one of the greatest works of art I've seen.Terri and Wendy!Terri, Wendy and the Theater of Dreams Book To purchase this magical book or to visit her enchanted studio visit: and
Linda and Terri!

Not only did Wendy greet us but so did Marcia and Linda, now it was time to give the girls their surprises, one for Mom, Terri, Linda, Marcia and Wendy, their own special charlottes: Mom-Blue Monkey from Oz, Terri-Ozma of Oz, Linda-Pumpkin Dragonfly, Marcia-The Tinselette Dancer and Wendy-The Star Fairy.Linda and her Charlotte Dollie! Linda's fairy can be seen flying around her office from the store...
Me, Meleen and Wendy!Me, Meleen, WendyMeleen and Mom!Meleen and Mom!Me and Meleen at Tinsel!While sitting down and chatting about everything around the moon and back, guess who walks in my friend Meleen, I nearly fainted, I have been missing her forever, and she walked in wearing the most amazing vintage coat, I mean amazing, and she joined the crowd, staying with us for hours as well. Me and Grace!Me, Wendy and Grace! The surprises don't stop, then Miss Grace walks in and now its a full party, she and I have been blogging and emailing each for awhile and boom, she walks in and now we finally meet, she is amazing too. ( I know I say amazing alot, but its such a great word, lol).Terri, Wendy and Mom!
Also Visit Marcia and Wendy at Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion Workshops at the end of April in St.Louis, MO at: Not mention a plethora of other fab instructors such as Charlotte Lyons and Mary herself.

My day couldn't have been any better, I was filling up w/inspiration and bottling up the magic to bring back to my own studio, photographing snippets of the treasures within Tinsel, and the people we know and love. It was a day of magical bliss and I can't wait to go back for another visit. Stay tuned for some magic we are all working on....

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Cassandra said...

Oh wow, looks like a blast!

I wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for your comment on my blog and for following me. Your work and accomplishments are amazing. I am honored!

:) Cassandra

Geralyn Gray said...

Glad to see you were able to see Wendy Addison--I wish I went......thanks for the casper made me feel like I was a kid again......go Yankees!!!!!!

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

uhhmmm! how much cash am i going to need on my visit ? i have kids to feed! haha
xoxo, me said...

Amazing is one of my favorite words too.

Doesn't blogging make the world seem smaller? I ran into blog friends out shopping one day too, its such a fun surprise.

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much you guys for coming by to visit, each of you are amazing!
Sending magic and hugs your way!

Georgina said...

Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving a comment. Those jalapenos are killers sometimes, but I'll say this much, it's soooo worth it!!! Have a great weekend and I love you blog and your adorable little paintings!

KarenHarveyCox said...

This is wonderful. I love the tinsel trading company. I visited them last year and the year before when they had their old shops. I adore them. Wendy Addison...what a treat.

Love photographs of an amazing place too.