Monday, October 05, 2009

Tiara Chronicles Meeting!
The day after the Ranger Warehouse sale, My mom and I trekked back down to South Jersey just outside Tinton Falls in Ocean, NJ to Suze's fabulous studio for the next installment of Tiara Chronicles. It was Suze's turn to create a project and boy did she, we did encaustic wax layering using the melting pot and creme brulee torches.Tiara Chronicles Installment!Tiara Chronicles Installment!2Tiara Chronicles Installment!4Tiara Chronicles Installment!5Tiara Chronicles Installment!5Okay one time using a creme brulee torch and you will go out and buy an army of them, they are so easy to use, love them and the melting pot, well that has got to e one of my favorite tools I use it for melting wax, utee, and anything that can be safely melted in it, sometimes I have 3 melting pots going at once, lol.Tiara Chronicles: My piece 2Tiara Chronicles: My piece 1For this project we coated a thick wood square w/a resin base wax, using a wax brush, then layered colored encaustic wax over it, followed by more base wax, then another layers, etc., we detailed the pieces with poured wax molds from Suze's molds, added more wax and colored in using the wonderful Pan Pastel chalks, these chalks are so rich and brilliant, a must have for any at suzes studioTiara Chronicles: My piece 5Tiara Chronicles: My piece 3The result 3-d and detailed encaustic wax paintings, for mine I used my doll mold which I colored in w/pan pastels chalks and added some stickles too, of course it would be a dollie, lol!Tiara Chronicles Installment! 9Tiara Chronicles Installment! 8Tiara Chronicles Installment! 7Tiara Chronicles Installment!6Tiara Chronicles Installment! 10For today's meeting, Patti came by for a bit and the rest of the group was: Suze, Joan, Bonnie, Michelle, Debbie, Teresa, Linda and Me. Each of the finished pieces were the result of everyone's character and ideas. I mean you couldn't pick a favorite, I fell in love with each of the girls piece. After seeing Suze's new bird wax pieces, I became instantly hooked on birds again, just like I was last year, lol.

Suze will be teaching a similar style class at the Art Opera 2010, held in Red Bank, NJ April 7-10, 2010, Linda will be teaching 2 classes, as will Joan, plenty of surprises to come.Suze's Wax Works!Suze's Wax Works! 2Before I left Suze gave me a beautiful dress form which I have been wanting forever, my old one broke which is now used for table top display, but now I have a new and beautiful free standing one, I am sooooo happy.

Afterwards Mom and I headed over to Shrewsbury to Anthropolgy and neighboring stores for some sales and finds, completing our day, I bought a cute tank top long dress shirt and a cute paperdoll pattern book, my mom picked up her fave perfume next door. What a fabulous way to end the day!
Tiara Chronicles Installment! 11shhhhh, its a secret, another edition of the Tiara Chronicles await to unveil its adventure to you....

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