Thursday, December 02, 2010

Up-Cycling Fabric Remnants, Pillows, Bar Cloth and Crochet Squares!
Savannah's Garden Purse! 6
For the longest time I have been looking at my remnant and leftover fabrics grow from scraps, pillow casings, bar cloth wares, crochet and needle point squares, etc., I have huge containers filled since I started collecting when I was around a child, everyone gave me there fabric leftovers to sew doll clothes with and keep me busy. As an teen I started making aprons, skirts and purses, eventually pillows and curtains.

With the fabric department gone in Walmart, Rag Shop Closings, no fabrics in Michaels or ACMoore, limited Hobby Lobbies and Joannes's where does one get fabric anymore? Well of course online, but its not the same when you walk into a store a see it or get that insane sale or leftovers.

With the increase in recycling and hankering down to our homemade roots to find that re-invention in us their is a rise in flea market and rummage sale attendance, everyone looking for that bargain, that trash which will be their treasure, to turn into something else. In order to find these treasures you have to have an open mind and see things in a new way, a shirt is no longer a shirt but fabric for a purse, a doll, an apron, a stocking. A kitchen valance can become an instant apron, a child's puffy skirt or dress can be an apron, burlap can be a purse or sachet, the possibilities are endless when you have an open mind.

I try to hunt down thrift stores and rummage sales for bargains to craft with, keeping my budget at $10 and see how far it can go, you would be surprised at how far it can last at one of these places, its like treasure hunting meets bargain hunting for the creative soul.

Today I would like to share with you 3 up-cycled purse projects with items I had hanging around the studio and what I carry at the store. The project is; "Savannah's Garden Purse"

Savannah's Garden Purse! 5This purse was made using a crochet pillow casing, the pillow was in bad shape, so I ripped out the stuffing and turned into a purse. Its practically already sewn for you, just fold over the opening ends, add grommets, then insert with wire handles from a discarded knitting bag.
Savannah's Garden Purse! 3Next complete with vintage rhinestone trimming, rhinestone pins and pearls from a 1950's necklace!Savannah's Garden Purse! 2Savannah's Garden Purse!
This next purse is called:"Rhinestone Steampunk Purse" it is made from a Bar cloth material vintage shirt I found for 50 cents. I cut off the arms and buttons, folded in half twice, then stitched on the wooden handles and added on a collection of rhinestone pins and rhinestone necklace strip to the front. The pins don't match, yet they do for a more kitchy look!Rhinestone Steampunk Purse! 4Rhinestone Steampunk Purse! 3Notice the strip of pins, they are just pinned on, so you can change it up all the time!Rhinestone Steampunk Purse! 2Rhinestone Steampunk Purse!
Here is the 3rd purse I created called: Rhinestones and Flowers Purse, which is made from leftover French Tapestry fabric, Wooden Handles, vintage rhinestone trimming and more rhinestone pins/pendants!
Rhinestones and Flowers Purse! 4Rhinestones and Flowers Purse! 2This purse was made the same way as the bar cloth purse, the lining is the same as the outside design. You can add several pins to this, rows of rhinestones, red velvet flower pins, trimming to the bottom, the possibilities are endless! Rhinestones and Flowers Purse!

Each of these purses can be made with or without rhinestones or add tons more, add rows of pearls, rhinestones in each corner, embroider onto them, add doll heads to them, use take smaller handles and turn into stocking purses for the holidays, so many things to do!

Hope you are inspired to keep recycling, remember to save those socks and mittens,like the post before, they can become a doll!

Magic and Joy,


Geralyn Gray said...

These are beautiful Lisa......truly one of a kinds!!!!

Incipient Wings said...

our Walmart has a very condensed fabric department now and the joannes that was only 4 minutes away closed down:(
I like going to thrift stores and finding pillow shams...the pattens and textures on them are so interesting. I use them for doll dresses or for backgrounds for mixed media.
I love these so much!
My mom used to crochet the little squares, she had them saved up to make a blanket throw but she passed away before she could finish it. The bag you have here is a perfect way to use them!
the rhinestone steampunk purse looks like a carpet bag, and how cute the pins can be mixed and matched.
Oh my gosh! the third purse is so pretty, it could be used for any season depending on the flowers used! I always feel inspired when I visit here..
thank you again for sharing:)