Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I revamped my Online Stores: Ebay, Etsy and ArtFire!

I finally got around to fixing my online auctions, updating many of them with new pictures, pricing, shipping adjustments, etc. I even opened up a pro ArtFire shop a few days ago.

In the process I de-activated listings, removed some that are no longer available and added new items. Here is the breakdown of the shop pricing:

Ebay: My Ebay store will be more for auction style works such as more non-handmade works, etc. It won't be as filled as my other stores due to pricing and fees.

Etsy: Will have many of my handmade wares and handmade supplies, some custom listings, etc. But it won't have the huge value packs and doll part value packs. I will keep my Etsy for all the Etsy lovers and my years of listings there.

Art Fire: I have recently opened an Art Fire Shop, In here you will find my complete catalog of handmade works, Hand made doll parts, art supply, Handmade party picks, toppers, party wares and huge value packs of items, the pricing will be lower here, due to lower costs.

My Website Store: This is the site for pretty much everything above, but not as stocked as the Art Fire Shop.

Piddlestixs: My Store Front in Lafayette will have many of my works, along with workshops and a plethora of other items that I won't list for online, exclusives, etc.

Lulu: I have had issues with zine orders coming through, so I will solely sell zines through Lulu, you order direct from them and your zines, some collage cds, downloads, etc will come directly from them.

My Scrapbook Papers: The parent company of my papers will sell direct wholesale to you if you are a store, company, etc. Otherwise they will be available at stores, my store front, etc.

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