Saturday, November 20, 2010

There's a Bear Carnival Over Here!
Party Bear Boxes!
Meet Beethoven and Blue Bear, who love to attend parties and carnivals!
Beethoven's Circus! 7Beethoven's Circus! 5
Beethoven is a bear from Vienna and Blue Bear is from Peapack. Both bears love the circus and to attend parties, Beethoven recently attended the Piccadilly Circus, he was named after the Circus star, Beethoven, who started at the Piccadilly Circus and eventually opened his own, Beethoven's Flying Circus.

Beethoven's favorite part of the circus are the cotton candy and the elephant ballet. Come join Beethoven at his next circus adventure.
Blue Bear's Party! 4Blue Bear's Party! 7Blue Bear's Party! 6
Blue Bear, everyone's favorite bear, well at least to Ginny Le Bear who has a crush of Blue Bear as do some of the other lady bears. Today Blue bear is attending a party in Pink Woods and word has it, he might be named bear of the year. With all this buzz surrounding him, Blue Bear remains humble and loves to harvest honey on his honey bee garden, he even pays his bees wages, unlike some of the other honey garden keepers. Can't wait to hear what happens at the party.
Estelle's SoireeEstelle's Soiree! 2
Another party bear is Estelle, who loves a good dress up soiree, she was invited to Darcy Brimwell's Annual Holiday Soiree, the most talked about soiree of the year. The theme this year is royal pink, all are asked to dress in pink colors and wear crowns, Estelle is so excited about that. Here is a picture of Estelle where her pink best and a Bromley Crown, the finest crown makers in England.
Party Bear Boxes! 5Party Bear Boxes! 4
All my boxes are made from handmade paper mache, paste, compressed paper mache boxes or wood boxes, tinsel or my handmade glass glitter, trims, embellishments and more.

Each piece is air dried for 3 days, sanded, painted and embellished. Look for more bear boxes coming soon. They are available in my store: Piddlestixs, 12 Morris Farm Rd, Lafayette, NJ 07848, some in my etsy and website as well.
Party Bear Boxes! 6

Have a magical day,

P.S. See you at Flower Power Tuesday Tomorrow!

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Sarah said...

These are absulutely freaking adorable! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me Lisa!