Thursday, November 04, 2010

Meet Bailey, The Teddy Queen!
Teddy Queen! 7
Meet Bailey, the Teddy Queen. Bailey's favorite color is pink and she loves cotton candy, she lives in Cocoa Falls, just north of Mousse City and Bearywood Forest which is home to the rainbow bears, her favorite are the Pink Bears whose favorite food are jelly beans.

Every year Bearywood Forest holds the annual Teddy Queen Pageant and Festival. This years winner is Bailey, how exciting...

Teddy Queen! 6Teddy Queen! 5
Bailey is a new style added to my Charlotte Doll Line, made using my own handmade molds, clay, paints, and a variety of embellishments. Each one of my molded dolls are unique and one of a kind, reminiscent of the vintage dolls from the past with my twist on them.
Teddy Queen! 4Teddy Queen! 3
I hope you enjoyed meeting Bailey and join her at the festival for some fun!
Magic and Joy,

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Heather said...

Bailey is very cute! I love her dress and her pink hair!