Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Meet Toliver and Lilly!
Toliver and Lilly!
Hope everyone has a wonderful, healthy and exciting Thanksgiving filled with all the scrumptious treats and magical giving that families can create on this special day. My favorite part are the baked sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pecans, the butternut squash and Sandra's Cherry Almond Cake, which I wait for every year. We will be traveling again to PA for another exciting Thanksgiving filled with tons of laughter, love and wonderful food. I know my Grandfather will be with my Grandmother watching from above and joining us in Holiday Spirit.

May you all ring in this holiday season with all the magic it can provide. Before I leave today I wanted to leave you with a story, the story of Toliver and Lilly!
Toliver Twizzles!
Toliver who full name is Toliver Twizzles is a wizard from Pemberton who is on his way to the annual Trippy Wizard Invitational, held inside Trippy Woods at Hollow Bach Arena.

Toliver's cousin Oliver plays for The Tripping Woods Perchables, the opposing 3 teams are: Battingsbees, Woodchips and Grove Falcons.

Toliver is pictured here in his gaming cape, wizard hat and wand, after the event Toliver and friends will attend the Starland Soiree to celebrate the team who wins.
Toliver Twizzles! 5
Meet Lilly, The Sugar Plum Fairy from Storybook Land.

Lilly is the official Sugar Plum Fairy of Storybook Land, Candy Land and Confectionary Land. She comes from a long line of Sugar Plum Fairies dating over 500 years.
Lilly, The Sugar Plum Fairy!
Her great great grandmother Lila was Queen of the Sugar Plums, Lilly is 2nd in line, her sister lavendy is first in line, since her mom Porcia is the current Queen of the Sugar Plums!
Lilly, The Sugar Plum Fairy! 4
Here is Lilly in her official Sugar Plum Dress, waiting to spread magic and joy this holiday season!
Lilly, The Sugar Plum Fairy! 5Glittered Block!
Have a magical Thanksgiving and ringing in of the new Holiday Season!
Magic and Joy,


MaygreenFairies said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lisa, I hope you and your family have a super time. Lots of Luv, Mandy x

Incipient Wings said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you also!
your sweet little creations always make me smile and feel inspired.
Have a great weekend.