Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flower Power Tuesday
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For this Flower Power Tuesday Post I decided to create a pleated crepe paper flower medallion and topping it off with a smaller crepe paper flower medallion and one of my party girl doll head parts.

These flower medallions can be turned into box or bag toppers, placed on atc's, cds, book covers and banners, use as a party hat topper, cake topper or turn into a fun headband or brooch.

Here are some example projects I created using the double layer crepe paper flower medallions:
Party Girls Necklace Boxes! 4Party Girls Necklace Boxes! 3Party Girls Necklace Boxes! 2The above pictures is an example of how you can decorate a small gift box or jewelry box using a medallion and my party girl doll heads
Party Girls Hat Topper! 5Party Girls Hat Topper! 3The Tin Doll Rosettes!These pictures are examples of creating pleated flower medallions using metal/foil and embellishing it with another party girl doll head and layering onto a party hat.
Doll Land Party Banner! 7Doll Land Party Banner! 15Doll Land Party Banner! 16Doll Land Party Banner! 18Here is an example of using the pleated technique once again with crepe paper to form another medallion which is layered with one of my carnival cupie dolls. Candyland Corner at Piddlestixs! 2Here is another pleated medallion this time using scrapbook paper and a large pom pom for the center.

The possibilities are endless. Refer to last week's Flower Power Tuesday Post to learn how to pleat.

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