Thursday, April 17, 2008

On Wednesday I had a fabulous day filled with magic and joy. I went went on my monthly antiquing and rummage excursion with my Mother, in NJ. We frequent this one place alot on Blackwell Street in Dover, its in an old department store building from the turn of the century and is filled with so much vintage eye candy, I'm ususually there for hours looking for treasure.

On this trip I found so many great items and buys, along with receiving packages filled with delicious finds I bought on Ebay!
To Start:
1. I bid and won 38 old textile bobbins on Ebay, they are the most beautiful I've ever seen, completely amazing!
2. I placed an order for vintage and cupcake chic style feathers for the birds of a feather book swap I am hosting and for 2 vintage book classes I am teaching at the Museum and Tinsel Trading!
3. At the Antique Center I nabbed a great tag sale find of a vintage fishing tackle box complete with metal fishing accessories for $2. This tackle box is filled with wonderful treasures, the metal fishing pieces have perfect drilled holes in them making them perfect for id bracelets and jewelry. There are several vintage ones from England and France as well. As for the box, it is a rustic seafoam color, looks like enamel/metal paint original to the piece and will be perfect for housing my metal findings!
4. Then I stumbled upon a vintage jewelry box from the 1930's, its an embossed green leather with raised bees on it with creamy beige velvet inside, I bout it for $2 and it will hold my vintage jewelry.
5. Then I found vintage jewelry for my jewelry making in the dollar basket, they were so pretty and vintage chic, I photographed them in the jewelry box.
I'm posting more finds and info in a minute, read above post for more!


Lee W. said...

My hubby works in Dover sometimes- that sounds like the place to shop!! I love the old tackle box. I bought some mother-of-pearl lures (like your metal ones) at my local antique shop- but she charges too much!! SIGH- my day will come- LOL!

Lee W. said...

oh- and the bobbins- so cool!!

Gina2424 said...

Hi Lisa-I gave you something on my blog-stop by and pick it up.

Love the brightly-colored cards-gets me in the mood for the circus book!

faerie enchantment said...

Hi all, It is so much funn Lee, such a great time to buy some unique treasures!

Hey Miss Gina, I'm stopping on by now, I can't wait to see what it is.....could it be...that beautiful award I have been seeing!