Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My Fairytale Follies!

Ever since I could hold a crayon, I have been creating my own fairytale worlds, from inventing my own stories around mermaids and fairies, making ballerina skirts and crowns for my barbies and dolls, to making tiny miniatures for my doll house, I grew up surrounding myself with this world of magic and enchantment, like Peter Pan, I didn't want to grow up!

As adults we tend to lose ourselves in the every world, working and tending to life's daily grind, but what I found eliminates alot of stress is escaping into our own world filled with everything we love, even for just a moment.

Perhaps you need a cup of tea or coffee, chocolate break or cupcake, there are many feel good treats out there that can send us into pure Heaven. Living near M&M Mars, the smell of baking chocolate fills the air, when I leave the house or go for a walk, this decadent aroma consumes me, a slight wind can really kick up the fragrant air, allowing me to transport into Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory, where there is a river of chocolate and a magical boat waiting to take me on a ride.

But sometimes that chocolate air isn't their and a trip to the book store for a latte, coffee or tea can awaken my muse, especially when she is tired and lazy, add a good book or magazine and the inspiration can begin.

But the ultimate heaven is a trip to the antique store or rummage sale, searching for hidden vintage treasures waiting for me to discover them. I have such a fascination with things from the past, its a passion. From Charlotte, Carnival and Kewpie Dolls to May Gibbs: Little Obelia, Alice in Wonderland, Arthur Rackham, Tea Party Novelties, Vintage ribbons, trims, millinery, and wood bobbins, Opera curtains and ornaments, I love it all.

The work I do is created out of this passion for the fairytale and vintage world, to re-create that life and time, to give it a new life, a re-birth into our current culture!

Enjoy my Fairytale World!
Thumbelina Fairytale Assemblage!
Thumbelina Fairytale! Magic!
Thumbelina Fairytale Box 2!
Little Obelia Valentine 2


Bettsi McComb said...

Oh Gorgeous! Love the Thumbelina's Garden! Sometimes, when my muse is very quiet and lazy, I'll work on one little element of a project. Paper pleating or making paper flowers. Then, while I'm working, my muse will WAKE UP! and then we are- off and running! Do you know this feeling too?

Anonymous said...

Darling! I had a Thumbalina Doll as a
little girl but my brothers fed her to the family dogs!

Daisys Little Cottage said...


Deb said...

You have a lovely blog ~ I especially love these pieces... thanks for visiting mine and leaving such a kind comment :) I will be on the lookout for your upcoming book! Congratulations! Deb

faerie enchantment said...

Thank You everyone for coming by to visit.
I just love creating fairytales and vintage oddities. Thumbelina is a fave of mine so is Little Obelia by May Gibbs!

As for Thumbelina being fed to the dogs, I cut the hair off of my Shurley Temple Doll with the red and white dress! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by Deb, and everyone else!