Monday, April 28, 2008

My Birdcage Book Class at Tinsel Trading, NYC!

Deep in the forest, in a secret place, lies an enchanting colony called: Sugarwoods, a place were woodland creatures call home. Birds, bunnies, pixies and more, all dwell in this wonderful land. Henrietta Birdsview is the Queen of Sugarwoods, she lives way at the top of Pinkshire Grove, where the grounds resemble a patchwork quilt, filled with rare and unusual flowers collected from all over the world.For years the Birdsview Royal family have collected these natural wonders and cultivated them on their grounds. The Sugarwoods Arboretum is home to many more species of plant life, including the Henrietta Rose, which is a delightful hybrid rose, the Sugar Plum Tulips, The Crowning Delilahs and the Clausebird Hydrangea. The Pinkerton Family is a huge donator of stone which is the main material used to create the gorgeous statues at the Arboretum. My favorite part of the Arboretum is the Carousel which pipes out enchanting melodies from its magnificant structure, complete with mer-birds for all to ride on.
Hummingbird Lane is a delightful area with cute and cosy, cupcake chic boutiques and cafes filled with delightful trinkets, tea and precious fashion accessories. A must see is Goldies Crown Boutique, Woodies Pub and Bluebella's Tea Room, located on Greensly Pond over looking Shellies Lake House which hosts Boat Duck Rides every 10am, 12pm and 2pm, night rides with lanterns and dinner at 6pm and 9pm, reservations required.
When you enter the world of Sugarwoods, you might never leave!
Come join me in re-creating this wonderful place in my workshop entitled: The Birdcage Book, at Tinsel Trading!
For more pictures and info on joining me at Tinsel Trading for this class and to join in on other workshops visit Terri Ventura's Flick page: Dimestoredaze or her blog/websites:
Come on over for some enchanting melodies at my blog as well for additional pictures of this project and details of this class that I will be teaching on May 24, at Tinsel Trading!

My class will be filled with Lisa Magic, Surprises, Enchanting Goodie Bags, Giveaways and more, not to mention some edible treats as well.


missyballance said...

That is such a CUTE book! Now I wish I lived on the East Coast! LOL!

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much, I will be out on the west coast next year end of April for conventiozine ZNE 2009 in Pleasanton, teaching classes!
Magic and Joy!

Debb said...

Lisa, love the book wish I could take yourworkshop. But I live in In. Don't think I could do that.But love to look at all your your work.I never did get an answer from Holly curbside treasure ,for the princess hat.I email her 3 times I give up.
love Debb

faerie enchantment said...

Hi Debb,
Let me see what happened, in the mean time, I can make an extra hat and swap with you!