Friday, April 11, 2008

The Brownie Recital

Come one, come all to The Brownie Recital this Friday at The Dollie Mae Academy in Peapack, NJ.

All winter the students at Dollie Mae have been practicing for their spring recital. Olga LeBlue, Professor of theater and music study has been directing the students with the help of re-known brownie actor Norbert Wellington who has appeared in several broadway shows and European venue's.
"Norbert is an asset to this production of The Brownie!" according to Miss LeBlue who stated this during an interview with The Hills Times and Morgan Gazette. Miss LeBlue also mentioned that the costumes in this recital were designed by Harriet of London with jewelry on loan from Priscilla Leighton Designs.

The show starts at 8pm and is followed by an after show party sponsered by Piddlestixs and Company. The reception will be held in the Acadamy's Ball Room, signs will be posted to direct you there.

Reminder, please ladies remember your gloves and finest gowns, gentlemen don't forget its a black tie recital, no un-sightly colors. Please be timely and all late comers will not be let in until the break, when the theater doors close, you will have to wait in the lobby, seating and a theater sound will be available in the lobby, along with refreshments!

We look foward to your presence at the show!

Loni Vanderwalt,
Promtional Director, Dolly Mae Academy!
This piece is a mixture of digital and altered/collage arts! I used vintage images in my collection, along with an old china doll and cabinet card background!

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