Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here is a glimpse into Countess Bella's world:

Meet Countess Bella whose royal kingdom is located in Canary Ridge, just outside of Penelope Woods, NJ. A place filled with ballerinas, berry wood trees and lush pink moss covered grounds, Canary Ridge is a whimsical place to visit. They are world reknown for their juniper and yellow raspberries, which are some of the ingredients in their Penelope Breakfast Blend Tea sold in boutiques everywhere tea is sold.

If you get a chance to visit Canary Ridge stop by Larson's Farm to sample one of the many scrumptious jams, pies and cider donuts in the region or take a ride on their owl boats located at the edge of the farm on Wimble Lake, a half hour ride is $15.00 and comes complete with iced Penelope Fruit Tea or Breakfast Tea.

Another recommended place is a tour of the Royal Palace and Botanical Gardens, located just outside ten minutes from Canary Ridge International Airport. If you are lucky then you can meet the Queen or Countess Bella, if not you will still enjoy the tour of the palace and its luscious gardens.

For more information pick up a Canary Ridge Information Packet at their headquarters located on the corner of Main and Woods!

This piece was inspired by all the wonderful bird artist on flickr and all over the web! Thank You for your inspiration.

I made Countess Bella from a nest I hand painted and glittered, vintage beads, crystal beads, millinery flowers, handmade bunny top, ballerina, feathers and more!
Visit my flickr gallery for more photos and my art:

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