Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday April 19 was Gabriela Delworth's Crown Class at Tinsel Trading in NYC. Here is a variety of pictures of all of us and our royal crown creations! Along with glimpse into our sparklicious day.

Gabriela flew in all the way from Canada to teach this class, along with her husband who filmed this regal event!

We started the day off by selecting our trims and embellishments, then picked papers revolving around our gorgeous items. I have to say the papers were absolutely amazing, the colors were vintage chic, cupcake chic, springy, trendy, girly and ecclectic, so many to choose from. I wanted to use the all, lol!

As for the crown making: Everyone seemed to create crowns that went with their outfits ( I don't think it was intentional either, we just picked the colors we were feeling for the project), including me who picked shades of pinks, reds and greens, not to mention, I was wearing most of those colors too. LOL

I couldn't of asked to be apart of a better event, with such wonderful people who each are filled with incredible talent and were a pleasure to create with. They each inspired me in many ways and are new friends I have met: Ellen, Sallianne, Merrilee, Mariah and Gabriela, each of you are brilliant! As for Heather and Terri they are absolutely wonderful and so is her beautiful daughter!

The Royal Court of Tinsel consisted of:
Lisa, Ellen, Gabriela, Mariah, Sallianne and Merrilee.

Everyone's crowns were absolutely divine, You wanted to leave with them all,

For more pictures and to join in on a day of workshops visit Terri Ventura's Flick page: Dimestoredaze or her blog/websites:

To Visit the Crown Queen herself, Gabriela, visit her blog at:

Visit Art is You at:

Visit the amazing Ellen for more photos and details of the event:


Bettsi McComb said...

Lisa, it looks like a really fun time!

Tina said...

What fun!! Glad you posted about the wonderful time and fun crowns that were made!!!

faerie enchantment said...

It was amazing, we all had such a blast, I actually wanted to walk down to my car with the crown on, but ended up packaging it neatly to carry home!

Donna O'Brien said...

Now THAT looks like a very fun class! You are look great.Nice to 'meet' you here!!


Hello Lisa,

Finally back in Toronto!
We had a great time in New York. It was a great excuse to re-visit it.
It was a pleasure meeting you at Tinsel Trading and I am glad you had such a great time. You made a wonderful crown and one that matched your outfit perfectly!

Thank you for coming!

Warm regards,

Gabriela Delworth

faerie enchantment said...

Hi Donna,
Love your blog, can't wait til May 3rd: Swashbuckler Soiree!

Gabriela, the class was so much fun and you are absolutely amazing, thank you my friend for everything!