Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Come take a peak inside my Altered Book, Vintage Style Workshop at The Newark Museum!
My Lantern in the workshop

My Enchanting creamy cake stand and Bird cage cover, filled with goody bags

Sandy Working

Me, my apron and lemonade yellows

The Class: Karen, rae, Me, Marylin, Rima, Sandy, Barbara and Lynn

Steve and I Rae, Me and Lynn
Marylin and Sandy

Sandy's Page
Marylin's Page

On Sunday April 27, 2008 was my workshop at The Newark Museum, which I had prepared for weeks in advance. I gathered a mix of eye catching wallpapers, photographs, ephemera, tinsel, trims, glitters and more, many of the items were vintage materials from my own supply, along with a variety of new materials which I purchased for my students.

No event would be complete without a goodie bag filled with secret treasures and findings, nor would it be complete without chocolate, toffee, almond bars and chocolate creme cake. For me I came equiped with coffee and diet dr.pepper cherry chocolate soda, you couldn't tell I love chocolate could you!

My birdcage and cake platter didn't hold the ckae, but played royal guard for the surprise goodie bags which were gievn out at the end of the class, along with other surprises and a contest raffle in which I gave a full collage cd from my online store.

The first part of the class was spent selecting supplies for the book, next we began to assemble the first and second pages, which was a theater on one side and crepe paper 3d dolls on the next side. Followed by medallion pages and head shot pages. No one's book was fully completed, even mine, but we did learn how to combine book binding and fabric for a wonderful finale for our pages.

Students learned how to work with vintage supplies and colors, create crepe paper dolls and half dolls, paper fanning, medallions and light book binding and sewing. I'll be adding more images from this event soon.

P.S. I love paper lanterns and found a variety of them on Saturday night when I came home from the NYC, I brought in one, put a battery in it and hung it from the apothecary French style windows in the Museum's studio room.


Kim said...

I was I could have been there, it looks FAB! Maybe it's better I wasn't as my jaw would be on the floor most of the time :) You are awesome!

Kim Smith

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so very much Kim, wish you could have been there too, we had a blast!
P.S. You just made my morning!