Monday, April 07, 2008

Hi All,
The Contest has officially begun!

Starting today, I will be hosting a contest on my blog, the prize is one of my new art dolls I call papierpuppen, the dollies, see the post below for some examples of the dollies.

I have just started blogging again and this contest is to celebrate my return to blogging and the start of Spring and all the wonderful cupcake pastel colors that begin to surround us in Cherry Blossom Trees, Japanese Maples, Daffodils, Lilacs, Hydrangeas, and other blooming beauties. It's also to embrace the wonderful May Day festivals and the Fairies who begin to flicker around the gardens and the seaside.

Spring is a time for re-awakening from a long cold winter where the eye could see through trees for miles, then within a few months, the barriers are up and the only thing piercing through the leaves are the specs of light glowing from the sky. Although April is rainy it provides for the lusterous landscape we gain in May, which leads to the sunny heat and seaside retreats beginning in the half summer month of June!

This contest will run til Friday 8pm leave a comment on the papier puppen article below or in this thread, that will act as a poll, then I will randomly select the winner and send out the doll, who is already packaged and waiting to spread magic and spring joy into someone's house.

Magic and Joy!


Valita said...

Hi Lisa,
Please emial me at auntieviolet@yahoo.,com and then I will email you the email address to use for the swap information. I couldn't find your email address anywhere either to email you directly. I hate that about blogger.

faerie enchantment said...

I agree with you on that! I'll email you asap!

Susie DeZarn said...

Hi Lisa,
your dolls are amazing. I was completely drawn in to their uniqueness. thanks for sharing them with us.

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks for stopping by Susie!