Monday, August 24, 2009

"Art Opera April 7-10, 2010 now open!
Art Opera, April 7-10, 2010 Registration for this event is now open on my website at:
or click on the art opera page:

Also at the event is the 1rst ANNUAL ART OPERA AWARDS!
Whether you are attending the event as a full or a la cart attendee, whether you are vending or even if you can't make it, all are encourage to vote for your favorite authors, designers, crafters, artists and more. The Art Opera Awards has been created as a way to thank and recognize those who have acheived and are acheiving so much to inspire all of us in the field and outside the perimeters.

Voting begins on Oct.1, 2009 and will run til March 1, 2010. Voting forms will be available on or before Oct.1, 2009, each nominee will be notified by email and all winner will receive an award and additional recognition at the Art Opera Orientation Dinner! These awards are the oscars, the goldens, emmys, tony's,music,etc awards of our field. Now its time to be recognized and thanked for the contributions you have made!

If there is anyone I should know about, please email me their names at:

If you would like to donate business cards, moo cards, company merchandise, buttons, store coupons, discounts, supplies, artful wares and goodies for the goodie bag please email me at the email address above!

Magic, Hugs and Joy to you all!

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