Monday, August 24, 2009

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Gala!
Over the weekend, many bloggers escaped into a magical place filled w/munchkins, flying monkeys, yellow brick roads and the Emerald City, not to mention some high profile people: Glinda of Oz, Wicked Witch from every corner, The Wizard and Aa girl named Dorothy. This place could only be one place, The Wonderful Oz!

There was a blog party hosted by Twyla and Lindsey over at:

And what a party it was. Un-fortunately I could not escape into Oz for the weekend, as my valuable magic computers ran out of magic, due to a new anti-virus system and storm which has resulted in an un-magical router box, being replaced asap. So I had to wait until internet service (from the grand computer wizards), in order to re-visit the party and all the enchanting blogs which took part in this event.

Since I couldn't create as much magic as I had wanted to, I have included for all the wizard of oz attendees and faerie enchantment followers, some freebie images and a wizard of oz collage sheet to use in your most magical of art projects!

I hope you can create a world of magic with these and I thank you for visiting!
Magic and Joy!


vivian said...

HI Lisa, have you posted workshops and registration yet for art opera? I'm waiting (oh so patiently though)!! heehee

faerie enchantment said...

Sure did Art Opera now open at my website!

eclectic archivist said...

Thank you for sharing all your wonderful "OZ" toys!