Saturday, May 03, 2008

Wow, now that I finished half of the sweet snow cap confections and three cups of tea with rum, feeling a bit dizzy, LOL, I picked some fresh flowers from the boats garden (every boat should have one) and filled my tea cup with it.
Tea Cup With Flowers
I have completed my crown for the soiree, I went to my dollies and pixies for some magic to sprinkle upon my dazzling crown, for that extra sparkle. Here they are hard at work The Magical Dollies

As they continue to sprinkle my crown with magic, I wanted to share with you the goodies in my cabin room such as the beautiful fairytale tapestry which hangs from
a shining rod, and lovely European Prints.
Fairytale Tapestry

European Prints

Not only is my cabin room beautiful, so is my dressing room, where I have filled with several gowns for the soiree, since I couldn't decide which one to wear, I brought a few to choose from, no regal lady would be complete without a plethera of gowns, even when on holiday!

Sitting enchantingly and elegantly next to one of my gowns is a whimsical sea baby mermaid which I brought with me on this adventure, her name is Elle Coralson
Elle Coralson

Along with Elle and the Dollies, I brought some reading material and music, since I can't go anywhere without some books, pamphlets or music. Two favorites of mine right now are Michael Hague's Fairytales and The Fairyland of Opera
Michael Hague's Fairytales

The Fairyland of Opera


Bettsi McComb said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Wish I were there! LOL Be careful of the pirates, Dearie!

faerie enchantment said...

I shall Bettsi, Actually ran into a few nice ones, from Australia, LOL!

crapette said...

ton blog est féerique
tout est sublime ici

CharityinAlaska said...

Thanks for the vocab lesson. I've always wondered how a circlet differed from a crown. :)