Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Wearing your creations

As an artist, I love to create my own jewelry, accessories and clothes, looking through fashion mags and blogs for inspiration, once I get on a creative kick, there is no stopping me, especially with several ideas in mind that are waiting to come to life, when this occurs I run straight to my studio and start scavenging through boxes and boxes of supplies, if I'm no satisfied I head out thrifting or to the craft store, I can even hit three different in a day, living near Hobby Lobby, Michaels, AcMoore and JoAnne's is the greatest thing, lol, going loaded with coupons even better.

Last week I headed out to Hobby Lobby and picked up some of their brand jewels that were 50% off, headed over to Michaels and picked up some components from the Amy Labbe Art-i-cake line and finally back home to pick through my vintage stash. After a few tries, I came up with this necklace:

This necklace was made with 2 strands of jewelry pearl chains from Art-i-cake, and a large pendant from art-i-cake, both available at Michaels Craft Store. The 4 center rhinestones are from the Hobby Lobby line of jewelry, at Hobby Lobby, I added some extra pearling, art nouveau clasp and findings from my vintage stash, the result this necklace, in the pictures below, I wore it with a navy tank top, navy and white seer sucker sailor cardigan, pearl bracelet and skinny jeans.

Grecian Goddess NecklaceGrecian Goddess Necklace In the following pictures I wore the necklace w/a yellow tank top, skinny black jacket, skinny jeans, and my handmade black bow tie leather cuff. Grecian Goddess NecklaceIMG_2893 A trip to the craft store can help create the fashion accessories for your next outfit, for the experienced artisan, a trip to the thrift store or a rummage sale can bring about incredible accessories, mix, match, try something new and different, you'll be surprised at the results.


Incipient Wings said...

you look so cute lisa!
the necklace is beautiful...Ive seen that gem at Michaels...you did a wonderful job with it.
i think the yellow brings out a lot of the colors, but it looks great with both outfits.

Lisa Kettell said...

You rock my friend! xoxo