Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Art Events and Workshops in Historic Lafayette, NJ
mid spring nights dream banner
There are lots of workshops being un-veiled this year at Piddlestixs, one just around the corner April 7-9, 2011 in Historic Lafayette, NJ called: Mid Spring Nights Dream. The teachers are: Teena Flanner, Jennifer Docherty and June Ann.
My Store, Lafayette, NJ!My Store, Lafayette, NJ! 2
The is a handmade friday night fair/soiree, guest speakers, sponsored items and more. If you can't afford the full payment, layaway is available until March 15. After that payment must be in full. There are sign day packages and single workshop plans available which include your breakfast, lunch or both depending on the package you choose.

Lafayette is located 25 minutes from Milford, PA, 50 minutes from NYC, 1 to 1.5 minutes from New Jersey Shore Points, 35 minutes from Warwick, NY, 2 .5 hrs from Philadelphia, PA, 3.5 hrs from Gettysburg, PA, 25 minutes from Morristown, NJ, 1hr from Easton/Allentown, PA areas, 45 minutes from Paramus, NJ, 10 minutes from Sparta, NJ, 3.5 hrs from Maryland, 1 hr from Connecticut border, 1.5 from Stamford, CT and other driving points.

The local hotel has free shuttle service to and from the event, and other locales.

To register before seats are sold out visit:

For additional photos of this event visit:

My store; Piddlestixs is located over a fabulous cafe called: The Millside Cafe, which is an area favorite, their breakfasts and lunches are absolutely amazing! My store is also situated in the area's antiques district where treasures are waiting to be found, search inside The Mill Antiques Center, 2 long floors and connected buildings of antiques!Across From My Store, Lafayette, NJ!Outside of Piddlestixs! 2Another favorite at the Mill Antiques is Bogwater Jims and Karen's Store, such eclectic pieces, boating pieces, industrial and European finds, plus many others. Inside the mill is Joe and Sharon's treasure trove of antique toys and memorabilia, Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 3Mills Antiques, Lafayette, NJ! 29Next store to me is Pam's Store and Sweet Peas. Across the street from me is Cona's Antiques, Next to me on the other side is Chocolate Goat who is known for their Vera Bradley and Imported Chocolate. Across the road are my girls and friends starting at the Black Pony with Bob and Noreen, Rose Petal Porch with Joyce, Lafayette Emporium with Karen, Eileen and June whose located upstairs of the Emporium, next to them is Jill and Herb downstairs from Jill, plus another store coming this week. We have such a great group here and they are all excited about this event coming up in April!Witches Tea: At the Crossing! 4In this picture I am inside Rose Petal Porch:Witches Tea: Witches Shopping! 13Now inside June's Space, who happens to be one of the teachers at the event. June is a psychic medium and artist, whose has written books, craft books and has nationally recognized for many of her talents:Witches Tea Party: Ghost Walk! 5Witches Tea Party: Ghost Walk! 4Now we are inside my store, which each vignette changes all the time:
The Dolls in the Curiosity Cabinet! 21Candyland Corner at Piddlestixs! 4Apothecary Corner at Piddlestixs! 9Inside Piddlestixs! 22Here are some of the projects being offered for you to do:
Jenn's Workshop:
Jenn Docherty's Workshop, Fairy Bunny! 2Teena's Workshop:Teena Flanner's Workshop! 3June's Workshop:June Ann's Workshop! 2Here is a surprise vendor at the event: The Costumed Photographer who can photograph you in costume at the event:Mid Spring Nights Dream Surprise! 2Plus many more surprises.
You can contact me with any questions or click on the link above to register!
Magic and Joy.


Cheryl said...

It looks like you've been super busy lately having loads of fun :-)Everything looks like a blast!

When are you going to mail out the valentines? I signed up for the garland swap-- mailed you the money and my tags--- and I've been eagerly waiting for a return box :-) Let me know when I should be expecting a box as I think my mailman now thinks I have the hots for him since I open the door every time he comes around! lol

faerie enchantment said...

Everything went out this week, a few more packages tomorrow! We had some later arrivals and a few no-shows/drop outs at last minutes, which caused me to make up the difference with a extra banner set in the banner swap, and 2 extra atcs and 3 extra postcards!

I hope you like them all, everyone who participated did a fabulous job!