Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Original Baseball Cuff is Back!
Baseball Cuffs: Custom Order! 6

Are you ready for opening day? Will you be wearing your B-Cuff? The B-Cuff is in its 5th season and getting ready for Opening day in a few weeks. Many of you have been following the cuff from its beginning, ordering them to wear, and reading about the similar styles like my article and project idea in last Spring's Bead Unique Magazine.
Baseball Cuffs: Custom Order!Baseball Cuffs: Custom Order! 4
The Cuff is on the rise again with more variations, articles and in a published book, all coming out this year.

Who doesn't want to be Queen of her own Baseball Game? Now you can with custom baseball cuffs created to fit your teams colors or the theme of your choice.

The cuffs are created from leather baseballs, rhinestones, felt, clasps, sewing, etc.

All cuffs fit standard wrist size, if your wrist is larger, the cuff can be adjusted to fit your wrist specifications.

I have been making these cuffs for years for customers, friends and family. These cuffs are the original, one and only, Lisa Kettell Baseball Cuff aka the B-Cuff. All Baseball cuffs are original to my idea, creation and design, no two are alike and when you wear one can signify your love for the game with style and a bit of Glam, lol!Baseball Cuffs: Custom Order! 5Baseball Cuffs: Custom Order! 7


I now have pink baseballs in stock, these go fast, so check for availability on this color and see what dyes are in to match your team.

Most of the baseballs I use are vintage ones from game left overs and lots.
Baseball Cuff: Custom Order for Jean! 4Baseball Cuff: Custom Order for Jean!

To order, click below:

Custom Baseball Cuff Order Link

Bracelets are $40.00 plus $2.95 shipping/handling
Total: $42.95

Order 2 or more and save additional money!
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery, if a rush order, please inform me!

Any Questions, please let me know,

Magic and Joy,

Buy 2 or more and receive $10.00 off

Baseball Cuffs: Custom Order! 2

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