Thursday, March 10, 2011

Everlasting Love For My Dog: DJ!
DJ The New Puppie!
It was the summer of 2007, on our way back from Bethany Beach, that we scooped up our little guy: DJ, a baby golden retriever. His breeding roots are one of show dogs, stars and celebrity owners, so he shouldn't be shy from the camera, especially having a momma like me who love, love, loves taking photo's, anyone who knows me well, knows this to be true, lol, since I was a child I would haunt people with my camera, I still do today, so watch out, I could be around the corner with my camera, lol.Sir Darcy and DJ
Holding this little guy was a pride and joy, since I had never had a dog of my own, we knew it would be alot of work, but it was worth it, DJ was the missing void in my life, the glue which would bond it all together.OOH So Sauve! DJ aproaching 1yr old!
Within weeks DJ was bathroom trained, but he was a nibbler and a jumper, lol, chewing on everything, jumping up on everyone, but soon he out grew that, but didn't out grow his love for people and the ones he cares for. DJ is a party dog, he likes to be where the action is and be apart of the fun, when its too quiet he gets sad.

Playing with other dogs excites him and when he has had enough, he lets you know, I'm tired, so I'm going to lay down right here, his best buds are: Knuckles and Howie, friends dogs who love hanging out with him. When Howie stays over, DJ lets him share his bed, lol.DJ's Ice Cream Time! 4
When you come home or visit DJ, is there to greet you, to let you know, hey I'm here, glad to see you, now lets play, eat and play some more, then I'll cuddle with you, he's a hoot, barks at people outside until you call out his name to say hi, its his way of saying hello, DJ is like the neighborhood mascot, your buddy on the hill. When he is outside, DJ can be found frolicking around on the grass, rolling down the hill, investigating the land with his nose and checking to see where the action is.
DJ's Ice Cream Time! 2DJ's Ice Cream Time!DJ's Ice Cream Time! 3
Inside DJ has his favorite spots, the mud room, the kitchen and the living room couch, aka the Livy! Where he sometimes sleeps or hangs out. DJ is a true friend, over the years he's been there for me, I taught him how to catch, play ball and key command words, we've learned he loves Vanilla Ice Cream, Peanut Butter, Pasta and Pig Ears, his fave toys are tuggies and rope toys, or someone's shoes.

DJ named after Derek Jeter, yes Yankee fans here has a new collar very sophisticated almost like a coach bag, but its his collar, very debonaire if I say so myself. The spring and summer is coming DJ's favorite time of year, means more outside time and playtime, even his baby pool.

Furry children are apart of our lives, they add joy and happiness all day and everyday, so take of your furry friends and furry children, because their love for you is un-conditional and loyal!

Have a magic filled Golden Day!


Karen said...

DEREK JETER! I think Mr. Jeter needs FLASHBRITE for pets.

amber heagerty said...

Hi Lisa,
I just love your post on DJ! What an adorable addition to your family. Dogs can be such a joy and I am especially partial to Golden's too! I have a part Golden/part Brittini that we rescued as a pup that reminds me a lot of your DJ in the face...I have a photo of her on my blog {click on the picture to enlarge} Happy doggy days to you both!!!

Elaine A said...

Lisa -

DJ is such a cutie. What a handsome fella he is. He looks so very healthy and extremely happy! He is so lucky you are his Mommy! My two guys send greetings to him. Jackson is my 1/2 husky, 1/2 German Shepherd and Thor is my full German Shepherd. Love my boys.

Elaine Allen

Lola Enchanted said...

What a sweet sweet dog!!!! I also can tell he's very spoiled! lol

Carmi said...

DJ needs his own my Magnus! I wish they could have a play date!


faerie enchantment said...

Karen, I think her does too! LOL!
Flashin DJ, his Jersey Shore name!

Amber/Elaine, Our dogs are family members who bring so much joy to our lives and the rest of our families lives.

Lola: Mr.DJ is spoiled, lol, and showered with love from everyone.

Carmi: I want them to have a playdate, I might have to one day do a road trip w/DJ, lol! Then Magnus and him can have some fun!

Magic and Joy Everyone from DJ and Me! xoxo

Dianne said...

DJ is so handsome...I'd probably name him CH (Cole Hamels-lol).
I love my Cosmo kitty who was a stray in our yard going on 9 yrs ago. He loves me too. My mom and brothers love their poochies though!

Incipient Wings said...

he is just gorgeous lisa!!!!
what a cutie..and yes he does look very comfortable in front of the camera!!!!!
love the antlers too:)

Karen said...

What a beautiful boy DJ is. I feel that same love for my Yogi.

zandra said...

Soooo doggone cute!
Hugz, Z

faerie enchantment said...

Dianne, Marfi, Karen, Zandra:
Thanks so much for visiting DJ and Me, he is the best dog I could ever ask for, funny thing is he loves pictures, lol, wonder where he learned his love for the camera? lol!

Magic, Hugs and Joy!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Enchanting post for a darling dog ~ I am already in love with his sweet face. Happy Spring Lisa!

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks soooo much! Happy Spring to you too!