Saturday, March 05, 2011

Friends, Nu-Skin, My Life Changed For Ever!
Nu-Skin! Mom, Ian, Me and Kat!
It all started that one day, when my Mother walked me the the entrance of Hazel Avenue Elementary School, I was 4 1/2 years old and met Katerina, one of my longest and dearest friends in the world. Each year we grew we created a new adventure one of my fondest was our mermaid stories and adventures, I still have the mermaid she brought me back from Greece, pictures of our brownie and girl scout days and party memories. Fast forward some 30 years later and Katerina and I are still friends going strong, two kindred spirits involving art, culture, theater and beauty into our lives.Nu-Skin! Me and Ian!
Recently Katerina invited me to be apart of a whole new experience, that would change my life forever. Many of you who know me, have always commented on my skin, my clear complexion or the youthfulness of it. I have never used expensive creams or products on my face, just some cold cream to wash off my make-up, olive oil once a week and ice pack to take out puffy eyes, that's about it. I do love make-up and wear concealer, foundation, bronze brush, mascara, and lipstick, but after my experiences yesterday, my life has changed forever, let me explain.Nu-Skin! Kat and Momma!Nu-Skin! Me and Kat, Friends Forever!After spending a the day with Katerina, Nu-Skin/Ageloc Specialists, Ian Ziering and Friends I was introduced to a whole new way of ageless beauty without the use of heavy chemicals or surgery. Your skin is a whole other world, every day you hear of a new product on the market which is going to knock off years off your skin, products which quote on quote will improve your appearance, bring back your youth, I have seen and heard it all, but yesterday, I was transformed, living proof that their are products that work.Nu-Skin! Rich, Ileane and KatFor the past year I have been under a lot of stress, most recently the month of February, from work, to finance, to my store, my relationship, my life had seemed so heavy, stress is a genuine killer of your health and your appearance, pain can be seen in your eyes, dark circles, headaches, and heavy skin, a woman especially will begin to pull their self apart, that's when the notion of feeling, old, un-attractive, washed up sets in, because we allowed the stress to set in and win, but I will not let it win or defeat me, I will conquer and overcome, so yesterday came to me like a magical dream, only it was real.Nu-Skin! Ileane and Ian's Cousin!During the Presentation, MeI learned about my body, my genetics, nutrition and more. I was introduced to the Nu-Skin line with much emphasis on my new never leave anywhere without: Ageloc Galvanic Spa System/Anti-Aging Master. If you know me I never discuss products which I don't have a passion for or believe in, why, because you all believe in me, you reach out to me all the time for recommendations on everything, so trust me on this, you will love me for it.

After a day of insight and production, of age variables it was my turn to be transformed. Now everyone's skin is going to produce its own result, these factors are based on a lot of different variables, but mine was extremely drastic. Beth who works in the world of the communication world, started the first miracle, she used the Ageloc Galvanic Spa Tool on half of my face, after 5 minutes, I looked in the mirror and the entire left side of my face, drastically transformed, it shrunk and lifted so noticeably that we were all astonished. Literally It pulled in any wrinkles or bloated skin, shrunk my dark circles and probably shaved 5-10 years off my age, well Ileane, Ian and Katerina said wow, we need to balance the other side of your face, lol, so I worked with Beth and we made me even.Nu-Skin! 4
That is how un-believable this product is, this has never happened to me. Literally after the one side was complete, I felt as if I had a stroke, half my face had a permanent smile, a lift, re-vitalized, the other old, heavy and numb. Once my whole face evened out I was lifted, I felt like 17 again. I didn't even have to put any foundation on my skin, it was even and no blotchy skin, I was glowing according to several people last night.Nu-Skin! 2The Ageloc Galvanic Spa System II is more then a spa at home, its a portable device which can give you an uplift at anytime with the use of its facial gels and components. It will diminish the harshness of lines, wrinkles, it uplifts your face and helps it to regain the vitality of younger skin. This device also works to shape the body using specific body shaping gels which can reduce the appearance of cellulite, and under arm flab, so you aren't waving in the wind, lol. I haven't tried it for these additional areas, but I am and will get back to you on those results.

Men if you have thin or thinning hair, this product can help increase your hair's appearance, bringing back its lustrous vitality. But of course bad eating habits, heavy drinking and smoking don't help, its the whole package, plenty of water, vegetables and correct foods all work together to help your health, so please don't play the genetics card, you can change that and make your life what you want it to be.

There are so many additional products from Nu-Skin, such as the Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner which can determine your antioxidant status and has won the prestigious Stevie Award. The LifePack-Nano, Vitamins, Superfruit drinks with Lipocarotenes, make-up foundations and more. As I try these additional products I will let you know how they work for me, I can't wait to try.Nu-Skin! Me and Ian!
I want to Thank Katerina Zachos, Ileane Grossman Frank, Ian Ziering and the many others for changing my life in such a positive and uplifting way. Each of them brought me back to the Lisa I once knew, the one who used to take care of herself, the strength that can be found within when you love yourself, love who you are, then you can conquer anything.

If you would like information on these products, learn how to purchase them, and more, please contact me and I will help you!

Love You All,
Thank You for sharing in my joy and stay tuned for some exciting things to come!


Wanda AKA "Craftymule" said...

Very, very cool, Lisa! You deserve the best, my friend and you are absolutely glowing! Love you lots, girlfriend!!! :)

Cris said...

Nu Skin was the first network marketing company I joined back in 1990. So glad to see they are still goign strong because it really is a FABULOUS company. Best of luck to you! xoxoxo

faerie enchantment said...

OOOOH thanks so much Ladies, you both rock, so glad I have friends like you girls!

Sending lots of hugs and love your way!