Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Second Skin Leather Metal Cuffs

Leather Pin Cuffs
I was invited to take part in an amazing blog hop where the primary focus was my fave subject: Jewelry Cuffs. Each designer was given a metal cuff, a package of second skin leather ( I received a red tilapia fish leather) & leather scissors, all from John Bead Suppliers.Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs
I just loved this project idea so much, I became overly excited and couldn't decide on what to make as a permanent design for my cuff, so I decided to make mine inter-changeable using removable shoe clips, clip on earrings and pins, which I could customize for any look before I went out, many of the jewelry pieces I used were vintage or recycled from my jewelry drawer.
Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs
-Second Skin Tilapia Fish Leather, Metal Complex
-Metal Cuff, Metal Complex
-Leather Scissors, Dazzle It
-Jewelry Clips: Shoe Clips, Clip Earrings, or Pins
Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs

1.Coat your metal cuff with a tacky all purpose glue of choice.
Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs
2.Cover your glued cuff w/second skin tilapia fish leather, press tightly,
   and fold over any excess leather underneath the cuff, let dry.Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs
3.Choose the clips of choice to match your outfit and you are ready for a night out on the town.
Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs
-Mix the leathers for various looks.
-Add medallions, charms or metal pieces to your cuff.
-Turn into a watch, by attaching a thin rimmed watch part to your cuff.
-Line w/rhinestone strands or studs.
-Layer w/friendship bracelet strands
-Wear on its own, w/nothing on it
Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs

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I hope you enjoyed my variations,


kmorgan said...

This was very interesting. I have a bunch of old shoe clips. Now I can repurpose them. You've given me ideas!, thanks heaps!

Lisa Kettell said...

So glad, love to see what you come up with. I find the shoe clips make it so much easier to use and can be interchangeable too. Post pics on the Lisa Kettell Designs facebook page!

Have a great weekend,
Lisa :-)