Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jewelry Boudoire!
Seaside Soiree Bracelet! 3When asked the question: "What is your fave art medium or technique?" I can't truly answer that with one specific thing, everything inspires me and I love working in every medium, it all comes down to my mood, if I'm in a sewing phase I'll sew everything from aprons to tea cozies to dolls or quilts. If I'm in a illustrative phase, I'll draw, if its mixed medium illustration, I'll draw and paint on everything for that time. My dollies, get made all the time as do class projects and instant inspired pieces which I have to get down on paper and create.

For the past few days I have been in a jewelry phase, it started after I started finishing up the studio organization, that I began to find places for all my jewelry findings. I came across old stuff and new stuff that I recently bought and decided to make some jewelry.Seaside Soiree Bracelet!My earlier jewelry consisted of alot of seed beading and beading weaving, I could never find a beading loom large enough and cheap enough, so I picked one up at Toys R US about 12 years ago for $15.00 and it works perfectly for small beading weaving works, they are still available in toy stores and crafts stores in the children's craft set section. From these I have made bracelets, belts, beaded purses and amulet bags and its so easy.Seaside Soiree Bracelet! 2Seaside Soiree BraceletFor the past 2 years I have been focused on salvage style jewelry, but it wasn't until my first meeting with Terri Ventura (Dimestore Daze) http://www.dimestoredaze.com/default4.asp That I began to dive deeper into salvaged jewelry. Terri and I met at Tinsel Trading and have been friends ever since, her jewelry is gorgeous and so inspiring, now to top it off Terri also sells the most amazing supplies, such as my fave: Marie Antoinette Brass Charms, in many finishes, they are essential to Marie style projects: http://www.dimestoreemporium.etsy.com/ Recently Terri surprised me with a huge package of charms and wares, I nearly fainted when I opened it, she is just incredible. Some other inspirational jewelry atists/books are: Charming Exchange by Ruth Rae and Kelly Snelling http://ruthrae.blogspot.com/ Semiprecious Salvage by Stephanie Lee http://www.stephanielee.typepad.com/ and Rejuvenated Jewels by Amy Hanna http://amyhanna.typepad.com/ These books by these fab artists are filled with wonderful inspiration and project to begin or enhance your salvaged jewelry journey.Midsummer Nights Dream Necklace! 6The pieces that you see are my newest creations, the bracelet is called: Seaside Soiree, the necklace is called: Midsummer Nights Dream and the beaded one is called: Lady Chantilly's Tea! All are made from vintage and new findings, the beaded one is a refurbished necklace I made from one I already had, just switched around the beads and handmade beaded balls, which are extremely easy to make.Midsummer Nights Dream Necklace! 5Midsummer Nights Dream Necklace! 3For the Midsummer Nights Dream Necklace I used a vintage bracelet, Vintage gilded back crystals which are similar to mercury glass, blue moon jewelry pieces and findings, a vintage Austrian rhinestone button, and vintage art nouveau style brass pendant, I've decided to keep this piece for myself, and wore it for the first time yesterday.Midsummer Nights Dream Necklace! 2Midsummer Nights Dream Necklace!The Bracelet: Seaside Soiree is made from vintage and new findings, blue moon findings and funky clasp. I have made three of these bracelet styles and will be offering two of them in my etsy store today: http://moonfaires.etsy.com/ Lady Chantillys Necklace! 2Lady Chantilly's Tea Necklace is also staying in my jewelry collection, I love how it looks with a white linen shirt or button down, so vintage tea chic.Lady Chantilly's Necklace!
To Make the seed bead balls:
-Seed beads
-Wooden ball bead or jewelry ball or small styrophome ball w/whole in center
-Fabric tac or no sew glue
-Quilting thread (color of choice)
-Beading needle

1. Thread needle with 2 feet of thread, tie knot at end, insert needle through ball hole, twice, loop needle through the 2 strands of thread, and knot.
2. Now slip seed beads onto needle to the thread. The amount of beads on the thread should cover the two hole areas, end to end.
3. Once beads are threaded onto thread strand, insert needle into ball hole, come out the other end, repeat, until the whole ball bead is covered with beaded strands, at the last strand, tie a knot, twice, dab with fabric tac glue or no sew glue, and that's it, you have a beaded ball.

-Refer to the last picture for example of the ball bead.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and get inspired to make some salvaged jewelry of your own.


Marie Antionette said...

Hello sweetie,I've been away ,but back now.I'm so happy I came in time to see these beautiful pieces of jewelery.They are fantastic.Love the bracelet.I know your a very busy youn woman.I love anything you make. Its all good as they say.Will visit soon again Hugs Marie Antionette

chinamommy said...

Lovely, as always! Lisa are you going to show us how to make our own glass glitter someday? i think i remember you saying you would back around Christmas!!!

Wanda said...

Lisa...is there anything you can't do?? Those are just lovely. You constantly amaze me....always something new to learn or see on your blog.

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much everyone. My goal is to get people inspired and to start creating. To believe you can do it, take the plunge and make something.

When I create I get an inner happiness which completely transforms me, not to mention a coffee and the smell of baking chocolate! LOL!

Magic and Joy All!

Suze said...

died & went to jewelry heaven when I saw these new pieces you've done...brilliant....absolutely brilliant ! Can't wait to see your cute little face Saturday.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Hi Lisa!
Such pretty things! It's fun to try something different for a while, isn't it? And thanks for all the links to all the great sites!!

Please check your Etsy convos when you get the chance!!

Thank you!!!!


milkcan said...

Gorgeous stuff! Love the first one especially!

Tiedupmemories said...

I'm like you..love every medium of art and dabble into everything! It's that creative juice thing!Your jewelry is fun and unique!I hope your having a good summer!

Dru said...

Hi Lisa. I have no idea how you stumbled onto my humble blog, but thank you so much for visiting and your kind comment. All I can say is WOW! Your work and blogs are amazing. I'll be back, and I hope you'll stop by again. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Hugs.

Linda Cain said...

What beautiful bracelets. I love the metal work.