Friday, June 05, 2009

A Sunday in New York, Part Deux!
The Carousel of Bryant Park!

Bryant Park Carousel! 10I love love love the magic of a carousel, it can just sweep you away into another world, a storybook place from long ago, as gracefully glide up and down and all around while listening to sweet melodies reminiscent of the carnival, circus or seaside boardwalk, perhaps a picturesque park or fairgrounds in Europe. Carousels are crafted from the finest artists with unique and eccentric details, made from wood, metal, brass, porcelain and fiber glass, each one setting the stage for a new performance every few minutes.Bryant Park Carousel! 5Some Carousels have all horses, some have Horses, animals with fins and well seahorses, sirens, rabbits, even fairies, pegases, unicorns and birds. Some have an underwater fantasy theme, others a circus theme, fairy garden or royal theme, there are no limits in the creation of one, but one rule, it must bring delight to all. Bryant Park Carousel and Me!Now not every carousel is going to be in a covered tent, under a canopy, inside a carousel hall, ultra large, colorful and bright, some are smaller in size with muted vintage colors, just like my fave carousel located in Bryant Park, NYC! Bryant Park Carousel!Bryant Park Carousel! 3This carousel is called: "Le Carrousel" and made by the Fabricon Carousel Co., Inc. Brooklyn, NY circa 2002, This might be a newer piece, but it has been made in the vintage and timeless style of the originals, the colors, the fantasy theme, its beautiful, I could see this on a park grounds during the Victorian Age, or in Coney Island's: Dreamland Park or Luna Park, couldn't you?Bryant Park Carousel! 7This beautiful horse is called: "Granny's Folly", Isn't she a beauty, look at the details!Bryant Park Carousel! 8If I wasn't so tired from strolling around the BEA (Book Expo America) and from Glenny and I taking turns lugging a heavy book bag, we probably would have lingered longer in Bryant Park and I might have rode the Carousel, but I can always head back anytime and do that, LOL, but trust me, I was thinking it, so instead I took loads of pictures to remember the moment and share with all of you.Bryant Park Carousel! 11Bryant Park Carousel! 9This rabbit is my fave carousel friend and would probably be where I sit when I go on the Carousel, LOL!.Bryant Park Carousel! 2Bryant Park Carousel! 4Bryant Park Carousel! 6Even the Ticket Booth is too cute!
No trip to Bryant Park would be complete with out A. A snack from Wichcraft Cafe Bryant Park Cafe!B. A cupcake from Crumbs, or C. A lunch or dinner at The Bryant Park Grill, which is one of my fave restaurant. view the menu here:
Bryant Park Grill, NYC!Here is a photo I took of the Bryant Park Grill!Bryant Park, Seating Terrace!The whole park has a French and European Design, which is why I love it so much, its such a great place to visit all year, but especially from Spring through Fall, even to just grab a coffee or tea and sit down on one of the many benches, park chairs or by the beautiful fountain and just relax and envision beautiful days and endless magic!
Bryant Park Balcony!Bryant Park Fountain! 3Bryant Park Fountain!2In exploring the park, you will also come upon the glorious and ornate fountain, however this fountain is more then just a beautiful facade, it was designed by the famed architect Charles A. Platt who created this fountain to commemorate social worker/reformer Josephine Shaw Lowell. Shaw, born 1843, is said to be one of the first woman to be honored with a major monument in New York City, after her death in 1905, this is probably due to the fact that Josephine Shaw Lowell she was the first female member of the New York State Board of Charities, serving the years, 1876 to 1889.

The fountain has a 32-foot-wide lower basin and 13-foot-wide upper basin, was installed at the east side of Bryant Park in 1913, then in 1936 the fountain was moved to the west side of Bryant Park, where it resides today. In 1992, this glorious
fountain was restored/refurbished by the Bryant Park Restoration Corporation and I believe is a must see in the park.Bryant Park Fountain!Bryant Park Fountain! 4Bryant Park VaseNo matter where you look, you will definately be transformed to another place, even if only for a moment, just sit back and illustrate this world in your mind, create a new memory that will bring you magic and joy, that you can come back and visit over and over again.

This Parisian-esque park is located:
Between 5th & 6th Avenues, West 40 & West 42 Streets, for additional information visit:
For more pictures from my day visit:
Carousel sites:
I hope you enjoyed my adventure: A Sunday in New York, Bryant Park!
Magic and Much Joy to All!


Mica said...

Enchanting !!! I could really eat that bunny friend of yours... the colors are gorgeous !!! Miss ya lady love !!!! Hugs, Mica

Lola Enchanted said...

Looks amazing! You always seem to happen upon the most magical of places!!!!!~

candy4me said...

Fabulous! What a wonderful world! Thanks for sharing! Hugss, Caroline

Elaine A said...

Lisa -

When I worked in the city, I used to pass by Bryant Park every day. I am ashamed to say that I never once enterd the park. In fact, all the years I worked there I visited St. Patrick's Cathedral once and Rockefeller Center about twice. I was usually so busy, I seldom left the building I worked in and I was about 2 blocks from all those locations! And I grew up in upper Manhattan. Isn't funny how I lived in the Big Apple and saw so few of its sights. Guess I'll have to travel down from upstate and make a visit sometime soon and play tourist - LOL!

Elaine Allen

Julie Bouésso said...

Great pix, especially of the carousel! Cheers, Julie

DeDe said...

Beautiful carousel! I am 42 and still ride them. They are magical.

faerie enchantment said...

I love the magic of the carousel, you can ride them and just be a child again, carefree if just for a few hours or minutes.

Elaine when you come down to the city, let's try and catch up, for some artful fun!

Magic and Joy Everyone!
xo! Lisa!

MaygreenFairies said...

Oh wow the Carousel is gorgeous, wish I'd known about it when I've visited NY in the past. Mandy xx