Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Sunday in New York, Part One!
Inside Expo at BEA!This past weekend the BEA aka Book Expo America was in town at the Javitts Center in NYC, this is an industry event filled from bottom floor to top floor of the Javitts Center with Publishers, Publishing Reps, Publicity Personel, International Publishing, Self Published Groups, Magazine/Press, Established Authors, Illustrators, and Up/Coming as well.Clifford at BEA!Isn't Clifford the Dog too cute!You will find every style book there: Art, Children, Table, Sports, Special Needs, Selected Genres, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Reality, Religion, Spiritual, Adult, you name it, that book was there. At these events you get a chance to really learn about the publishing industry and to find that publisher who is right for you and by no means be shy, come equiped with your business cards and if you have a small postcard showcasing some of your best works, bring it with you, and come polished, not sloppy, appearance can be everything on your first encounter.Book Expo BEA-Javitts Center,NYC!Here are the new and amazing art and books coming out at Quarry Books, Don't you just want them all, I know I do. Some new ones I saw coming out are: Who's your DadA by Linda and Opie Obrien and really cool studio book from Lynn Perrella, these look AMAZING, Have you seen Amy Hanna's Book, its a must have so is Cloth Doll Artistry by Barbara Willis, these two books are my new fave's, so inspirational.Me and Candy-Quarry Books Booth!Here is Miss Candy from Quarry and Me, she is beyond words AMAZING! ( I say amazing alot, don't I?, LOL, but everyone is AMAZING to me) It was so nice to meet her in person, this whole staff just rocks!

The BEA has a special place in my heart, it always will, it was here that I met my AMAZING publishing group back in May 2007, after walking for hours compiling info and researching the companies in my field, I came across Quarry, and I knew this was the group I wanted submit my work to, they were extremely friendly, helpful and well amazing, and 2 years later, here I am, published with my book; "Altered Art Circus!" with one of the greatest groups I could know. Now you see my personal attachment with this expo, it just fills me with smiles and joy, not to mention getting books to buy at a huge discount, some are free and others get signed by the authors/illustrators that are on hand! I do suggest since the books are out in tghe open, that you ask questions and see if they are for sale and that is when you will know if you can purchase it on the spot, if not, where to order it or if its free, remember respect these companies, they put alot of hard work into setting up for this event, and by Sunday, I am sure they are exhausted.BEA at IBPA Booth!Here I am with author Lawrence Guido author behind The Comprehensive New Testament at the IBPA Booth, quite interesting. I also picked up a book called: "Prophecy of the Sisters" by Michelle Zink, met her son, he gave me the book and said his mom was signing, so I walked on over and had her sign it, and I must say this is going to be the next book I read when I am relaxing at the beach, it looks like a Twilight style book with a bit more.

I also picked up a vampire pop up book, 500 cakes by Susannah Blake/Sellars Publishing-this cake book has some really good recipes including a recipe for lemon lavender cake, I got a Do it for less weddings hint hint, LOL) by Denise Vivaldo and some pet books about kitties, puppies and one on Goldens.

Afterwards I headed over to Dalton's to meet Glenny, then after a late lunch we took a stroll through Times Square on our way to Bryant Park with a stop at Crumb's Bakery for cupakes and cookies. Okay we ate the cookies before we got to the car, LOL. But I must say I am a huge Magnolia's Bakery Fan, the cupcakes at Crumb's have more variety flavors like peanut butter filled, cookie dough, strawberry banana, etc., I'd say hit them both when you visit NYC!

I'll be blogging tommorrow about Bryant Park, The Bryant Park Carousel and the Park's History!

Have a magic filled day!

P.S. If you bought my book on Amazon, leave me a review, I'd love to know what you think. Thanks sooooo much!


Bee Serendipitous said...

Hi Lisa...too funny my friend/neighbor Janet went to the same event (she owns a Irish Book Store) and I said to her I wonder if Lisa Kettrel was there & you were...too funny ...her & her niece Morgan went and they too received a good amount of books...glad you had fun...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! Peace & Joy 2 U Marlene

faerie enchantment said...

Thank You Marlene, for making my night! I'm just about to go to sleep, sweet dreams to you my friend!

Rima said...

Hi Lisa...I 'just' left Amazon to write a reveiew on your book. After I wrote the review I came to visit your blog and here it is...Miss Lisa suggests that we leave a comment..funny huh?? Oh well, great 'arty minds' seem to work together LOL!! By the way Amazon says that my review may not be posted for possibly 48 hours, be aware of that. The book is fab congratulations, I love it...take care sweetie-pie!


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Hi Lisa!
"I got a Do it for less weddings hint hint, LOL"??? Is there something to tell us? If so, we should talk! We did the do-it-for-less wedding ourselves two years ago!


Coastal Sisters said...

I had already pre-ordered my book off Amazon before it came out :) I absolutley love it and all the inspiration it has given me. The photos were so beautiful!


faerie enchantment said...

You are all amazing, do you each know that, thank you for all that you do for your support and comments.

Rima thank you for such a WONDERFUL review my friend, it was beautiful, hope to see you soon.

LOL, Betty, I brought the book back and Glenny Laughed, I said hmmm hint hint, LOL, its been 3years.

LULU, thanks so much, I am so glad you are enjoying it, so excited, I'm going to begin book 2 soon!

Magic and Loads of Joy, Inspiration and Hugs!