Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Its Summer, Try Something Different: a new art form, food and more!Steps To Fairyland 2Its Officially Summer, Is there something you wanted to try last summer or in general, perhaps a new art form or technique, a new recipe or food. Did you want to color your hair or try a new clothing style, then try it now, you have a whole summer to embark on a new adventure of ideas and inspiration.

Some idea's to ponder:
1. Try a nice refreshing old fashioned Rootbeer Float, a cherry soda float straight from the soda fountain w/cherry syrup and soda fizz.

2. Do you always wear darker colors, try on some brighter and cheerful summer colors, or add some sparkle and glam with a bevy of rhinestone jewelry or some of your own handmade artful jewelry and make a cool statement.Delilah's Curiosity shoppe
3. How about learning to knit, crochet or tatt, perhaps take that course you have been wanting to take on the art form of your choice.

4. What about reading a new novel while at the beach drinking a pina colada and soaking in the warm summer sun.

5. Maybe you always wanted to try fishing or camping, now is the time to do it, bring a seafood recipe and camping cookbook with you or turn your camping excursion into an exploration, bring a tent, a safari hat, some linens, moroccan anterns, a carpet and have a whole new experience of the outdoors.A Wonderland House!6. Try a new food or prepare a recipe you always wanted to make. What about lemon lavender cupcakes, an edible flower salad, baked figs w/cheese, Tandoori Chicken, Thai Green Curry Chicken or Peanut Butter and Garlic Spareribs, these are something cool to try.

7. Ever go searching for sea shells after a storm or renting a metal detector and combing the beach, Geo Tracking Devices can start you on a treasure hunting experience!A Wizard Tea Shoppe

8. Is there a historic place you always wanted to visit or a museum you have been wanting to explore, then do it.
Fairy In My Garden!Rose in my Garden!
9. Perhaps for a few years you have been wanting to re-vamp your garden, add a trellis, roses and a garden ornament, maybe re-configure your yard, wait for some sun and start that project.Secret Fairy Garden!

10. Been wanting to try your hand at attending a garage or yard sale, don't wait for someone to go with you, just go and find those vintage finds, but grab a cup of coffee and some single dollars before you go.

11. What about taking the leap of faith and painting a spare room a bold color, branching out of your color comfort zone, bringing to life those ideas whirling around in your head.

12. Volunteer somewhere for the day, and feel good about helping others, help out at a funraiser or take a walk to help in the fight against the many diseases out there, or just show support for a friend, loved one or stranger who might need your help.

13. Love amusement parks? Want to feel like a kid again, head out to one, eat kettle corn, cotton candy, funnel cakes or ice cream, ride the carousel, roller coaster and ferris wheel, feel the excitementFairyland Falls
14. Hate bathing suits, but love the beach? Just grab that long sarang or maxi dress, pack a bag with a towel, a book, sun block, snacks and just do it, grab a friend go to the beach early during the week and relax reading a book, searching for shells, followed by a trip to the boardwalk for some fun, you don't need a bathing suit to do that.A Fairy Chair
15. Go to the library and walk to your favorite section, close your eyes and let your heart pick a book, open your eyes up and choose that book, read it and enjoy, try something new.

By trying something new you are fueling your craving for adventure, an exhilarating feeling, a surge of energy, an awakening, a challenge to get out of your comfort zone, trying something new will open your mind to new things, leading to new ideas, a belief in yourself, to conquer your goals and over come your fears.

These are just a few ideas to get you going on your new journey! I hope you enjoy the photographs I took from my travels which I added some more color and magic too, they are altered a bit from the originals to show the variation and different interpretations, I hope you enjoy them and get energized to try something new this summer.


MaygreenFairies said...

Ohhhh Lisa hun I adore your digital altered artwork, gorgeous!! Mandy x

chinamommy said...

Love your happiness & + attitude in everything! We are currently re-doing our home room by room! Eclectic cottage- a new & different style!!

Lola Enchanted said...

Those are some great ideas, I think I'll try some! And, I just love your pictures!!!!

Elaine A said...

Hi Lisa -

Thanks for the super ideas and the truly lovely photos. Your photos always have that element that make me want to step into it the photo and explore. Thank you for sharing.


faerie enchantment said...

I am so glad you all come by my blog for some magic, we all need some in our daily lives, I always have a jam packed schedule, so I look foward to the times I can make and share magic, and I always love trying something new!


Julie Bouésso said...

WOW! Tons of ideas to ponder about! :-) What are you taking up? I promised to caress my new sewing machine soon & to take up sewing! I am also pondering about trying a lighter shade of reddish brown for my hair! But I’ll think about your ideas too esp. the clothing one; I love my darks though! :-) Cheers, Julie

zandra said...

Wow, love those photos! They are awesome! Hugz, Z

Marie Antionette said...

Hello Lisa,These photos are so magical,enchanting.I love them.Thank you so much for sharing this with us.Happy fourth and keep Safe.God bless America!!!
And May God bless you.
XXOO Marie Antionette

Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

What a wonderful post Lisa! Thanks for the inspiration to try something new! And I LOVE your photo alterations! Hoping one day I'll come visit in NJ and that you'll come back and we'll visit Wendy's studio. Take care my friend...Iva

faerie enchantment said...

Julie: I've decided to go more blonde and get semi bangs cut in my hair for more hair volume.
Some of my list to achieve this summer:
-Get more into my health and workout 5 times a week rather then twice a week.
-Learn more gourmet recipes to try out and eat, explore more foods in the kitchen and out.
-Book a vacation, somewhere I'd never think of going to, whether a half hour away or 1000 miles.
-To Learn knitting, lol, the only thing I haven't done yet.

Zandra/Marie Antoinette: Hugs to you both! xo!

Iva: I'm in Iva withdrawl, I'm trying to get back to your next of the woods sometime this year! I you guys out there. I'll be in LA in Sept. Please come to NJ, you can stay at my place!


ruthie said...

hello lisa, it was the name of your blog that drew me in, and how lovely to find it so full of enchanted inspirations on my very first visit! i love this list of suggestions & am off to make my own. love too the look of your images 8 ruthie

faerie enchantment said...

Thank You so very much, hope you enjoy your visit at my blog and enjoy many more return trips. Much magic and joy to you!

TattingChic said...

Those photos are absolutely gorgeous! Hey, you even mentioned learning to tat in there! Very cool! I love anything that advances the art of tatting! Love your blog! :)