Monday, June 29, 2009

The Jeweled Dress Form and Art Upcycled Treasures!
The Jeweled Dress Form!I've been making alot of jewelry lately, I had a recent trunk show of my jewelry and handmade dress forms, it was so much fun, to get my mind channeling into another direction, back to my jewelry roots, all while recycling what I had and using up vintage and new pieces.The Jeweled Dress Form! 2I love dress forms, they are the perfect accompaniment to any artist studio for showcasing your fave treasures on or to display them at an event or art show. I have always wanted to pick up a dress form, but never got around to it, the old ones are expensive and harder to find, the new ones, well they aren't timeless, but with a bit of distressing they can achieve that worn look

Display IDEAS:

-But what about making your own? All you need is a thick wooden dowel or porch post, some scrap wood, batting and fabric. For smaller ones, a wire base with legs or a bird cage or standing plant stand will work, and again, batting and fabric.

-You don't need a dress form to display your treasures, what about covering a corkboard w/fabric and painting the wood frame antique gold or a fun pink, robin's egg blue or chalky white.

-A Garden Wire Rack or floral ornament will work as great displays, closet shutter doors, wooden window shutters, or 3 door screens are all great displays.

Try buying 3 door sized pieces of wood, cover both sides with upholstery batting, staple gunning to wood. Cover with fabric of choice, trim sides with molding, trim or upholstery tacks, hinged together, voila instant 3 door screen w/displaying capability.

Some art-upcycled pieces I made:
1. The Gothic Victorian Bracelet:Gothic Victorian Bracelet! 2A hand beaded and sequin fabric cuff bracelet I made and extra embellished with a vintage pin.
2. Priscilla's Garden Bracelet:Priscillas Garden Bracelet! 5A bracelet with vintage and modern pieces.
3. The Money Talismen Bracelet:Money Talismen Bracelet!A bracelet to bring the wearer good fortune and luck. I love this one, we could use fortune and luck in our lives don't you agree?

For more of my jewelry and inspiration visit my flickr set called: Handmade Jewelry and Tiara Set:

My Mom Joan aka Aurora-tique is a wonderful designer, here are some of her new art up-cycled pieces using vintage jewelry, mixed with various old and new elements:

1. The Secret Garden Locket: Escape to a secret garden of your own, just open the locket and be transported to your favorite secret place! The main pendant is a vintage jewelry locket, a vintage chain, crystals, beads, along with other dazzling componants and findings.Secret Garden Locket Necklace! 2
2. A Charming Life Bracelet:A Charming Life Bracelet!
3. Underwater Garden Party Bracelet: Underwater Garden Party Bracelet!
4. Le Papillon Necklace: Le Papillon!
To see more of my mom's works visit her Flickr site at:

To purchase her works or for requests/orders visit her new Etsy Store at:

To see her blog visit:


Lola Enchanted said...

Hello doll,
there's no limit to what you can do is there!!!!!! It's all just gorgous!

Daniel said...

I would go for silver shoes and bag rather than black i think. Also look for delicate shoes rather than anything too clumpy, so people notice your dress and the shoes complement rather than having your shoes drag attention away from your dress. heels are also a good idea to streamline your shape and make you look elegant in your dress. Perhaps your husband should simply wear a white shirt and look for a tie in a colour that complements your dress.Tuxedo Packages