Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tiara Chronicles! The June Installment!Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 26It started last year, a group of 10 of us have called ourselves the Tiara Chronicles, we get together every month or so to go either artful treasure hunting, exploring artful places or gather at each's studio's or houses and create a unique project.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 30Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 24Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 28Each of us take turns teaching, and inventing cool projects which can sometimes take us out of our comfort zones, its a challenge to keep our creative minds working and testing our abilities. If we didn't challenge ourselves we'd never evolve as artist, because when you get to comfortable with one thing, you let the other things pass you buy. Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 29
I go through artful spurts/phases, never staying on one thing for long, I have so many idea's I have to get them out of my head and onto paper and bring to life. I create projects which are for every skill level, I'm not setting out to make a difficult masterpiece that's can't be made, or something so expensive to make it takes a year to collect the pieces to do it. To me that's not what every day art is about. I recycle and re-use everything and find a new life for it, yes I love all the amazing vintage wares, but they can get costly if you don't find a good deal, so I try to re-make myself and you can too.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 25So for this installment of the Tiara Chronicles, it was my time to pick a project and I decided on ALTERED ART DOLL BOTTLES! using recycled: A1 Steak Bottles, Mustard Bottles, Heinz 57 Bottles, Oil/Vinegar Bottles, Dollar Store Bottles, Apothecary Bottles, or whatever glass bottle you have lying around. Then we altered it and transform it using artful supplies, I brought clay and molds to make the doll heads.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 21Tiara Chronicles June Art Day!We all bring supplies and artful wares for everyone to share, Everyone brought broken jewelry bits, rhinestone's, pearls, ribbons, flowers, and unique oddities to play with.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 4Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 5I gathered some artful goodies from Michelle, Suze, Patti and Linda to use in my 2nd doll bottle which is almost done, a broken flower pin and charm from Michelle are the crown on my 2nd wine glass doll, 2 crystal beads from Suze are the earrings, black pompom trim from Patti is the doll trimming, and a button from Linda is part of my doll's dress, stay tuned for this finished piece tentively called: "Bella's Soiree Doll!"Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 11This photo above is the beginning on my finished wine glass doll called: Polly The Pixie Wizard Doll! (stay tuned to the next post to see her fully finished).Besides bringing artful wares, we also much on delicious goodies and enjoy drinks, coffee, or tea.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 13Today we were at Linda Hahola's house, she always puts out an amazing spread of hummus, breads, chips, dips and sweet goodies. On Saturday we were missing a few of the Tiara girls, who were sending joy our way. In attendance was: Linda, Suze, Patti, Bonnie, My Mom-Joan and Me, not to mention a few furry friends who are just beyond words adorable, I wanted to take them home.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 14Here is a glimpse at the many dolls we made, the photo before this one is the full group doll photo aka The Dollie Bottle Fashion Shoot!Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 22This is my Mom's doll, she choose a more regency meets victorian style,whose doll lips I might add, were a bit split, I think it gave her more character, LOL, but once the clay and paint dried, she came back to life and her lips were normal again. My Mom painted the body w/Claudine's Paints (She is a new fan, wants all her paints now, available from Ranger Ink, gilded trims, jewels, findings and peacock feathers. Mom's dollie was further embellished at home now she is completely finished.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 20Here is Patti's Doll, isn't she magical? Like a Fairy Goddess, Patti choose to paint the head with the
14kt Gold Paint, used a floral/berries for the head piece, wings, ephemera and jewels.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 19Here is Linda's Beautiful piece, another fairy goddess, Linda choose to paint her doll's head brown, with jewelry bits, gold paint for the glass body mixed with flowers and other floral/earthy accents, so magical! I just love the leafy wings.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 18This is Suze's Doll, another fairy goddess, but more of a fairy queen, complete with gold crown, gold wings, gold wire, gilded gold body with gold glitter inside, Fashionista Red Hair, and Dazzling jeweled treasures, the most regal fairy in the land.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 17Michelle's Bottle Doll, can this get any prettier, look at that jeweled treasure crown, I wish there was one big enough to fit my head. Michelle choose a more prim, fancy, chic style doll, with hand distressing to bottle for an aged patina look, jewels, pearls and more pearls.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 23This is the base of Michelle's Doll, I love the gilded tassel trim with the pearls.

I just loved how everyone's dolls came out, each of them are more beautiful then the next, I could stare at them for hours. I hope you enjoyed this installment of the Tiara Chronicles and the project we did. Stay tuned for our next adventure!

Magic and Joy!


Rima said...

Hi Lisa,
Am LOVING these doll, so cute!! Just went to your Etsy Shop and ordered some more 'doll heads'. Hope to see you soon.
Love and Hugs,

Geralyn Gray said...

I love reading about the tiara chronicles---it always looks like so much fun!!!!!!

Linda Cain said...

You girls absolutely ROCK! What a fun project. LOVE them all!

Linda Cain

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much all! Sending some tiara sparkle your way! Oh and some sunlight too!

Linda, these gals so rock, as do all of you visiting me today!