Monday, June 08, 2009

The Land of Charlottes!
"Come one, Come all,
to the Land of Charlottes!"
The Pink Charlotte Pageant!Since late last summer I have been in complete doll mode and it all started from a Vintage Charlotte/Penny Doll that I bought on one of my travels. Since I was a child, I have loved my dolls and toys, always creating stories revolving around them, making clothes, accessories and displays for them, even making dolls of my own from the materials I had in my house.
Queen Lilly of Charlotteville!Here is the First Charlotte I ever made called: Queen Lilly of Charlotteville!
Creating my own imaginery worlds allowed my imagination to soar, I still have many of the toys/dolls from my childhood, and from my mom's childhood, others I have bought throughout the years. My favorite vintage dolls are: The celluloid carnival dolls, kewpie dolls, dolls from around the world, China Dolls and the CHARLOTTE/PENNY BISQUE DOLLS, these vintage delights have become part of my artful world, from a handmade mold, I have been able to reproduce them in a variety of ways, turning them into dolls revolving around different storybook and character themes, used them to create doll heads/parts for my artwork and to sell in my stores for others to use in their artworks as well.Custom Charlotte Dolls!These dollies have been sold all over the world, they have been customized through an option in my store, purchased already made and ordered for wedding showers and parties. They have graced the inside of my jar fairies/glass vignettes, inside altered art books, in assemblages, as wands, tassels and in ornamental bulbs. They have become cupcake picks, cake sticks and found on ATCS's, in jewelry, as charms and on boxes and tags. These dollies have allowed me to re-create that vintage world and explore other vintage dolls and story books.The Costume Party!Some of the styles are apart of my charlotte doll line such as: The Queen Lilly Style and The Harlequin Wizard Style! Each one of my dolls are pressed into one of my many handmade molds, then smoothed, sanded, painted, triple glazed and embellished with a variety of materials both vintage and new.The Three Dancing Charlottes! 2Some fave materials I use in my dolls are crepe paper, tulle, velvet, sequins, vintage piano paper or storybook pages, tinsel and German glass glitters.Betsy Has a Birthday!This is one of my latest Charlottes called: Betsy Has a Birthday.The Dollie Queens!Here is a later version of Queen Lilly standing next to her friend: Queen Elizabeth!Betsy, Sewing Society Socialite!Here is another Charlotte I made, which is my take on the Mad Hatter meets a Victorian Socialite who loves the Garden, Sewing and Soirees, I call her Betsy Winklesby is from New England, A Socialite with family roots from England, South Africa to Nantucket and the Hamptons, currently Betsy resides in Nantucket, who set up a New England Sewing Society, where ladies will crochet, cross stitch, weave, sew and tatt for charity and personal admirement.

Betsy is an advid quilter and doll maker in her spare time, she teaches her children and friends children how to sew and donates hand sewn costumes to the Candyland Ball beauty contestants. Here is Betsy in her sewing best on her way to the Mad Hatters Sewing Tea Party.Lana's Doll! Sweet Marie! 4Here is Lana's Custom Charlotte I made for her called: Sweet Marie: reminiscent of Marie Antoinette in her garden soiree gown which is also similar to a Southern Belle strolling through her plantation garden.Queen Charlotte II!4Meet Queen Charlotte II, Queen Charlotte is a sweet Queen from Charlotteville who loves dancing at soiree's, the color pink and tinsel tiara's.

Charlotte even has several pink and tinsel ball gowns and sparkly shoes, because you never know when a soiree will come up.Sea Pageant Queen!Here is Sierra, The Sea Pageant Queen, all ready for the Seaside Ball.Misty PlumbachMeet another mermaid beauty, her name is Misty Plumbach a flapper mermaid from the 1920's, who loves to party, dance and sing in Sea York City.Seahorse Soiree Attendees! 3Seahorse Soiree Attendees! 2Meet the Seahorse Soiree Attendees: Maude and Miranda!carnival soiree weekend 131No under sea party would be complete without the Fiji Mermaid, complete in her coconut throne, and glowing tinsel shells. This piece was made from a broken coconut shell I recycled, my charlotte doll head, crepe paper body, shells, dresden trims, tinsel, glitter and more.

To see over 200 photos of my various Charlotte Dolls, Projects I have made with them and the Charlotte Doll Supplies to purchase, see their images here: to purchase these
dolls visit my Etsy Store:
and Website Store:

For custom charlottes which range in price from $25-30, contact me.

Look for my new doll head supplies I just made from 4 new doll molds I just finished, they are: China Head Doll Heads 2.25 inches in size and available un-finished and painted, I have Kewpie Style Heads 1.75 to 2 inches in size, again available un-finished and painted. I have a Large Baby Doll Head about 3.25 inches in size available un-finished, A 2nd Tristan Style called: Harley which is almost 2inches in size, the Marie Antoinette style have been added in painted form today, ujn-finished style added tommorrow, I hoep you enjoy them all!
Painted Ladies Parts all new! 2Dollies getting paint overs! 2
Magic and Joy!


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Good Morning Miss Lisa!!!
Your Charlotte dolls are so sweet!!!! I love them!

Also, I just ordered your Grandville CD from Etsy. There is a special message for you in my order, so be sure and read it!! Thanks!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day!!!


KeKe said...

They're ADORABLE!!!!!!!! They are the cutest things I've seen in a long time~ said...

Oh how I love your Charlotte dollies. And all your creations you've made with her.

Jamie :)

~Melissa Merrill~ said...

Hey there fellow Goonie girl. Your dolls are just spectacular. love their cute names. They make me smile.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

faerie enchantment said...

Hey all,
Greeting from the Secret Doll Factory, located in: My Studio, lol!

The whole studio is a doll factory now! LOL!

Hope you are all enjoying the dollies!

Valarie said...

Oh Lisa....your sweet dolls are amazing. I won some of your lovely doll faces, and I don't know what to do with them, but this definately inspires me. Have a lovely day. Valarie

Brett said...

Hi i was wondering if you send CDs (particularly the Circus Collage CD), internationally - I'm in australia and would like to order the CD, i figured $2.49 for shipping isn't enough to get it to Aus.