Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mermaids and The Mer-Persimmons!

There are so many brilliant artists in this world, everyday each of us become inspired by what someone has created whether its a new recipe, painting, product or garden, everything around us brings us magic.

As many of you know I have been creating hand molded, handmade doll parts in a variety of styles for years, starting with vintage Charlotte heads and Crowns. Each week brings the new creation of additional doll parts and pieces, which artist can apply to their works from scrap booking, assemblage, jewelry design, doll making and more.
The Mermaids:Mer-Charlotte, Mer-Kewpie 2
One personal favorite collection within my line are the Kewpies, Mer-Kewpies and Carnival Dolls, the possibilities are endless, all you need is a little imagination, just like Kim Geiser and her daughter. Kim is the owner and creator of Persimmons, which is an amazing shop/studio located at: 314 N 8th Street Downtown, Manitowoc, where she host classes and has fabulous wares.

Kim is amazing all around, when she purchased a few of the Mer-Kewpie and Carnival Mermaid Parts from my Etsy a few weeks ago, I was so excited, to see what she was going to do with them, then the anticipation was over when she sent me the final photos of what her daughter and her did with them, here is the results:
The Flapper Style Mer-Kewpie was created by Kim, while the Carnival Mermaid was made by her fabulous daughter! How amazing are they, beyond words adorable, these pictures brought so much happiness to my day, I had to write and share them with you!

To learn more about Kim and Persimmons visit her blog:

To purchase these doll parts or the others in my collection visit my etsy store at:


Persimmons Gal said...

It was such a joy playing dress up with these adorable completely kid friendly pieces! Molly squealed with delight when I gave her hers to decorate I highly recommend them to all crafty mother daughter duos out there! Much love to you Lisa. ♥

faerie enchantment said...

OOOH thanks so much Kim, I am so glad the both of you enjoyed them! The magic you created w/these pieces was amazing and made my whole day!