Sunday, June 06, 2010

Hi Everyone,
It has been over a month since I have blogged and shared my world with you! Its been a long month since Art Opera, with closing out Art Opera 2010, meeting artwork deadlines, sponsoring other events, website/shoppe orders, customs, 2 surgeries, workshops and a new store all within one month, its enough to make your head spin.

But now we are in the month of June and I'm ready for much happiness and enjoying a year of positive bliss. During this time I was able to reflex and find exactly who I am and what I am capable of, it has been my love of art that has saved me through the weeks and time after my surgeries, along with my faith in God and all your wonderful emails, posts, comments and most of all support, it has been much appreciated.

Now What does June mean? It means the start of Summer, the half way point of the year, summer vacations and holidays, graduations, ballooning festivals, the boardwalk, warm weather, seaside adventures, flea markets, walks in the park, outside dining and cafe's, bonfires and marshmallows, lakes, boats, lobster, and sunny evenings past 5pm.

To me it means closure, happiness, new products, new adventures, new workshops, and a new store, that's right a live store located in Historic Lafayette, NJ, located about 45 minutes outside NYC, 25 minutes from NY State, and PA, a store filled with all the magic and whimsy that I can create, filled w/vintage items and ephemera, old dolls and doll parts, books, artful magazines, vintage, modern, handmade jewelry, tiaras, septors, 1950's kitchy chic, 1920's storybook, Alice in Wonderland meets steampunk princesss meets Paris and Europe with a touch of oddity, a place for the curious seeker, that place is called: Piddlestixs, Purveyors of Curiosity opening July 2010.

Piddlestixs will have an everyday art party, where you can come in a create one of the weeks 5 or 10 projects, see guest artists works, shop and treasure hunt in the store and neighboring stores.
During this process, I have found who I am, and what I am capable of, I have begun new projects and seeing new ones come to life. Starting tomorrow I would like to invite you to visit the Creative Connection Blog and see my guest post on their site. Visit their blog to not only see my post, but to learn about the many other artists who make up the Creative Connection, the artists who contribute to them, the artists teaching at the Creative Connection and just how amazing this group is and how they can inspire you, like they inspire me.

See me, read my story and the many other fabulous artists featured artists on the site!
You will leave inspired and filled with magic!

Stay tuned this week for pictures from the prom book workshop, birdcage workshop and the latest finds!

Have a wonderful night and see you tomorrow at the Creative Connection Blog!



Elaine A said...

Hi Lisa -

So glad you are recovering and I am so very excited for you as well! A STORE - oh I can just imagine all the goodies it will contain. I have a feeling it is going to be a place I won't want to leave! You must be over the moon with happiness and I'm sure you have a few butterflies as well. Not to worry - I KNOW everything will be simply wonderful. This is your passion, you breath your art and it shows. I will see if I can get hold of my little sister and plan a trip to Piddlestixs.

Hugs - Elaine Allen

MaygreenFairies said...

Hi Sweetheart, I'm over the moon to read you are well on the way to recovering, bless you. Loved catching up on what you've been doing and what's coming up in Lisa's World later this year. Sending you bigs hugs and lots of luck for your future ventures. Mandy xx

Vintage Blue Studio said...

I cant wait! I cant wait! We are going to work sooooo hard but it will be worth every minute! I'm going to go back to doing the snoopy happy dance!

Couture de Papier said...

Congrats Lisa you are a wellspring of joy.I did not know you had surgeries?

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Electra said...

Welcome back, you were missed!

Dianne said...

I have to play catch up too! I'm glad you are well and opening a store! Wonderful!! Congrats. Not too far from me either. Will pass on the news to people in the area.
Hugs to you!

magpie chic said...

What a lovely surprise to find your comment on my blog. Thank you for taking the time. I'm loving your book, and have got started with the recipe book, using an image of my grandmother as a child (turned into a cup cake fairy of course) for the cover. Will follow up with your suggestions for more images from your web site. It's very compelling stuff.Hope you have a speedy recovery. Take care.

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adkinsra said...

take care yourself!! ^^ ........................................

jewelinthelotus said...

HI Lisa,

I'm considering attending one of your steampunk and time jewelry workshops, but I live about 3 hours away. Any suggestions for places to stay, either B&B or traditional hotel is fine.



Maija said...

How exciting to read you will be opening a real store!!! I wish you all the best Lisa- you are a lovely person, and you deserve all good things.
Take care of your health!

faerie enchantment said...

Elaine, Please please do plan a trip to Piddlestixs, I'd love to meet up! Let me know in advance, so I make sure I am there.

Amanda, one day you need to come out here so we can have fun, and the same with me going to England!

Diana, its approaching, the fun begins.

Denise, Yeah, so glad the surgeries are done, my faith healed me.

Electra, thanks so much, so glad to hear that.

Dianne, please do, the more people know the merrier, come by for a visit.

Jacqui, I'd love to see the finished projects to blog about them. I love seeing what people create from my book.

Adkinsra, Thanks so much, I will.

Jennifer, I will contact you with the area hotels, a few near by the store. You will love this area too.

Maija, you are amazing, thanks so much for being you, and thank you for the years of support.

Hugs and Joy to all of you!

faerie enchantment said...

Jennifer, send me an email:
so I can email you the info!

Magic and Joy,