Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunday Aug.17, 2008 South Jersey Adventure
A day of pure Artful Bliss, Create-topia, Art-topia event, from beeswax to vintage jewelry making, this day was one of inspiration and spiritual enlightenment. This was a time filled with many talents and familiar faces, everyone came together to create a world of magic and joy!
I connected with friend and fellow teacher from the Summit Visual Art Center, Lois,
who is such an incredible teacher and talent, who I might add is extremely nice, this started my day off perfectly, not to mention getting to see my dearest friend and art extra-ordinaire, Terri Ventura who is well what can I say a true asset to the art and jewelry world, her creations come straight from a vintage world.
http://dimestoedaze.typepad.com/my_weblog/ her part of the class was a true experience. Meeting her friend and student Laura was equally as wonderful, she is a true gem.
There were so many amazing people to be around and meet, such as the girls at Lois's table: Gail and Kathleen, and fellow Michael's Instructor, Andrea, who also taught at a Michaels, before they eliminated art classes, her beeswax box was amazing.
Lets not forget the girls from Studio U, http://www.studiou.com/who live near me and teach at that artful studio located in Chester, NJ. Meeting Jayne http://nellierose.typepad.com/ and Gigi http://gigikennedy.typepad.com/
was truly an honor as they are incredibly talented and super nice, they will be attending CHA in January, I too will be attending CHA in Anaheim, CA as a presenter/demo artist/designer, since my new art book:
Art Circus will be ready for release a few days later, February 1, 2009
Quarry Books.http://www.quarrybooks.com/description.asp?isbn=9781592534876
But the other star of the event was the one and only Suze Weinberg, her dedication to this art field and willingness to share her techniques and projects with others is truly amazing. http://suzeweinberg.typepad.com/suzeblogz/ Being in her studio is a true artful experience, when you leave, you leave with a new self renewal of yourself, an awakening of your inner muse. Her products are exceptional. The saying from American Express: "Never leave home without it" is perfect, I'll now be glued even more to my melting pot, UTEE and Heat Tool, my new artful babies. As an art designer I love Ranger Products and use several of them in my projects, even some of the ones in my new book. The inks are rich and perfect as are well the perfect pearls too. I love to experiment with various products on the market and developing ones of my own, such as the Miracle Grow, Koolaid, Bleach and Ink, Coffee Pie and Coca Cola Experiements which give my pieces a distressed look at a fraction of the price, not to mention making my own glass glitter which I use Ranger inks to dye my glitter with.
Terri and I have been discussing a new span of workshops/classes and events involving other top name teachers coming up, in Long Island, NY and various locations, please contact Terri or Myself for information, our name could be entitled: ARtoPia
Stay tuned for details as they come in!
Have a magic filled day!


dime store daze said...

You are the BEST, Thanx for all the accolades , It was one of the nicest days I've ever had...lets keep the momentum going with ART-Topia, love the name.I'm so glad you & Joan were there to share it with me.
much Love,

faerie enchantment said...

Love you Terri! I'm re-charged and inspired, ready for ART-Topia, my art wheels are spinning!

Paper Cat Designs said...

Thank you for sharing a little slice of your creative life. I sure do enjoy my visits to you.

Cheers! =D

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much Kellie! You are amazing!
Magic and Much Joy!

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a studio near me it is sooooo boring and lonely here!Will you be teaching at Stamp Act in Marshfield Mass. in the future?
Denise Nantasket Beach Mass.
PS there is a black bar thru your blog cannot read...

Anonymous said...

How do you make your own glass glitter without it being sharp? I have been tea dyeing with herbal teas..smell yummy!

Marie Antionette said...

What a bunch of great looking women.You were all having so much fun.I want to thank you for stoping by my blog, and leaving such a sweet comment on my tree angels.My daughter Alexia of Genteel Poverty showed me your work awile back.I love it of course.You are very talented.I'll put your link up so that I may come visit again soon Marie Antionette

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,
what a fab weekend.
i gave ya a big ol shout out on my blog.

blingqueen.typepad.com said...


I was on Scrappy Jessi's blog and there was a Marie Antoinette zine on her blog that said to go to your blog to find it. I could not find it. Do you sell it?


Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

I live in central Jersey wish I knew you were down this way, Ive been trying to meet Teri at Tinsel trading for some time now our schedules never seem to mesh.

Piper said...

This does sound like a magical day, and I could get happily lost in this blog! Just discovering the captured faerie sight. Can't wait to go back and check it out!


Sherry said...

Hi Lisa,
Just curious if you ever rec'd the mermaid swap package I sent you?


faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much everyone for coming by!
Scrappy Jessi, Loved the shout out, made my day!
Denise, I have a tutorial I'm working on about how to make your own glass glitter, its a great recycle project and saves money too!

Sherry: I love my swapped item, beautiful, its in my studio sending magic and joy to everything there!

Everyone else thank You!
Magic and Joy!

Gigi said...

LISA!!!!! hey beautiful girl!
it was so fantastic meeting you last weekend at suze's...we've gotta get together to create again :)
& absolutely will be hanging out at CHA together :)

let's keep in touch!