Friday, August 22, 2008

Marie Antoinette Collage Chronicles CD
The Cd's in My Collection and The Victorians

Hi All,
You have all made them a success, thank You for your support of them, I hope that each of these cds are bringing much happiness to you, as all the pictures on there bring smiles to me.

There are many cds on the market/throughout the web which are incredible too, I have bought a few with 1,000s of images on them, however the quality is low, at small DPI, which makes it hard to enlargen or even shrink to a good res when printing for artworks, that made me realize, as artists we love images, they make us happy to display, alter and well use in our works.

For years I have been collecting postcards, images, and paper ephemera, I store them all in acid free boxes and in photo binders for protection, my faves are in frames, jars and laminate pouches. The Victorians were great lovers of ephemera and travel, when travel became more popular among them, with the creation of travel cards, stereo cards and the invention of photography, a whole new world was born, The World of Scrapbooking

Victorians were huge scrapbookers saving memorabilia from every where; ticket stubs: train, carriage, theater, opera, races, carnival and more, Newspaper clippings, opera programs, theater bills, elaborate dress tags, fashion clippings, advertising and postcards, all grace the pages of Victorian Scrapbooks. Without their passion for memorabilia and postcards, I don't think we would have so many today. The Victorians also loved fantasy and fun, from clothing, to books, illustrations and even food, had a fantasy theme to them, with fairies being leaders on this.

As an artist I am also a curator in my own museum, Lisa's Museum where I contastly strive to preserve images and items from our past. While so many try to keep these treasures to themselves, others try to share as many as they can with others. I try to share images and ephemera all the time, whether free on my sites, given away at classes, contests, shows or on Cd's. The Cds's in my collection are scanned at 200-400dpi resolution making this perfect for artwork, and digital collage. While some images have been scanned at 100 dpi, they are still high quality images. These are the extra images placed on the cd!

When ordering 3 or more cd's I try to give coupons for 50 percent off your next cd or freebie cds as well. Each Package is wrapped in fun tissue paper with streamers and a vintage image tag. I hope you continue to enjoy my images, my cds, zines, books and my work for years to come. Any Questions, just send me a line!

Magic and Joy!

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Alberta and Ava said...

Thank you for always sharing magic and joy. I love being a part of the Faerie Zine group and . Your art means so much to me! (there's a little shout out to you on my blog today....)

faerie enchantment said...

Thank You so much!