Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thursday Aug.14, 2008

Vintage Book Sale
On Thursday Aug. 14, 2008, a bunch of us got together for the annual Bernardsville Book Sale which runs for 3days, with the last day selling books for the half price amount. Mandy, Her Mom, Aunt, Cousins, My Mom and Me met up at the sale around 10am, picked up our tickets and waited to start treasure hunting for books at 12pm.
We sat around chit chatting about everything, drinking coffee and trading stories of past book sale events.
At 12pm, our numbers were called and are hunt began. I headed straight toward the choice/vintage books and picked up some beauties. Then headed for the travel, theater, opera and art books, so many great finds such as Victoria Secrets' Romantic Decorating Book and Gloria Vanderbuilts: Collage Book, which I believe has re-empowered me to further my dreams I believe it is one of the first books to fully promote collage, Gloria saw collage as un-discovered territory, an art form waiting to expand into new horizons, look at it today, its a million dollar industry with works fetching 1,000s of dollars and inspiring many. She is really a pioneer of our artistic industry as are several others before her, such as the Victorians who loved to keep scrapbooks to showcase their travles, memories and ephemera.

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