Friday, March 20, 2009

New Artful Supplies: Vintage Handmolded dolls, Parts, and Grandville Collage CD!
New Supplies: Charlotte Dollies, Rainbow!2
Hello Everyone,
I hope your day is shining bright today, and magical things are coming your way! They did on my side with the release of new art supplies that I have been working on for awhile, Last night I un-veiled some of the new supplies with photos on flickr and listings in my etsy store and website store.

The first of these items I've listed are the: New handmade hand molded, doll heads, made from my original vintage Charlotte Doll, now available for you to use in your works.
Each is made from a lightweight foam clay which won't peel, flake or break when dropped.

These are flat backed and lightweight perfect to use on atc's, in paper projects, as paper doll heads, scrapbooks, assemblage, as charms, and more! These pieces can also come rounded to use as doll heads in your doll projects.

They can be painted, inked, aged, glittered, easily use a scewer to pierce a hold through, works well with tacky glue, hot glue, caulk, etc.

These doll parts also come in several colors/styles, pre-painted for you:
Lady Lily-Lavender Violet
Pinka-Dilly-Bright Pink
Limette-Light Green
Meadow-Golden Yellow
Sally Bleu-Pastel Robins Egg Blue
Other colors not pictured: Dahlia-Black and Lacey-Pastel Pink.
New Supplies: Charlotte Dollies, Rainbow!
Measures between 3/4 inch to 1inch wide!

They are available in:
1.flat back for paper crafting, assemblage, paper dolls and more.
2.Rounded like a doll head for doll making and other artful ideas.
3.Choose from Foam clay for best paper crafting, soon I will have bisque,vinyl, and rubber forms within a few weeks.
4. They will be more colors, styles, shapes and sizes as well.
Sally Bleu!
As you can see there are a variety of fun colors, they also come in black, brown and Violet Red, colors.
Here they are in the un-finished form which is cheaper then the pre-painted ones.
New Supplies: Charlotte Dollies, Unfinished!
and I also have Royal Crowns as well New Supplies: Un-finished Crowns!
If you are a store or webstore interested in carrying any of these supplies in your stores, please contact me about wholesale amounts, pricing and orders.
Grandville FLEURS ANIMEES Violette!Here is a freebie of a Grandville Image, for more freebie images of Grandville and other images visit my flickr site. For a set of Grandville images look for the collage cd this weekend!


Poetic Dreams said...

Adorable doll heads.Hope ya having a good weekend. Hugs~

snippetgirl said...

Those are precious!

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much!
Magic and Joy to you both!