Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Queen of Fairyland
The Queen of Fairyland6
Not only is The Carnival Soiree approaching in 10 days, But in April, another fabulous event is coming: Easter, a day of celebration, Religious Love, Praise and The Arrival of the Easter Bunny, who never comes to your house without an Easter Basket or Chocolate Bunny.

Last week I was at Walmart picking up some items, when I came upon the Easter section, it was like a journey into time. This year everything is 50's style, Russell Stover put out an Easter Pastel Line, the chocolate bunnies, and matching goodies can be in creamy pastel colors of Baby Blue, Pink, Hot Pink, Orange, Lilac, Pale Green, and Yellow. Their are peeps in the same colors, edible grass from Germany, candied eggs, cutesy stuffed animals, and sweet baskets, its just Easter Wonderland, and best part, its reasonable and at Walmart.

When I was young their used to be a few stores open by me, Newbury's and Woolworth's which my mom used to frequent and buy my holiday goodies at, when I saw this aisle I remember those times. Not sure if the Walmart by you will have these goodies, but the ones by me do.

As a tribute to our vintage holiday past, I created this piece in what I call The Cupcake Chic Color Scheme and Style, a vintage vignette made in a large Pink Egg with removable cover, normally used to hold candies or surprises in, I call this piece: The Queen of Fairyland, read her story:

Meet Candie Meadows, The Queen of Fairyland! Here is Queen Candie, welcoming Spring and Easter in her blooming egg garden, just outside her palace in Cottonwood.
The Queen of Fairyland5
Today she will hold the annual Easter Bunny Ceremony where she bestows Mr. Bunny with extra magic, which last all season, this will enable him to surprise children everywhere (Adults too), with Easter Candies and Baskets.
The Queen of Fairyland2
The Queen of Fairyland
Plus today will mark the official day of candy making, Cottonwood Confectionaires and Percy Pookerman's Candy factories will be extra busy, making sure there is enough confections to go around.

This is a 3-D assemblage/ vignette made in a 8 inch Easter Egg with removable lid. inside you will find my handmade Papier Puppen: Queen Candie, Handmade paper clay eggs, vintage Bouillion, moss, painted vintage lettered paper, tinsel, glitters and more.

The Queen of Fairyland4


MaygreenFairies said...

Adoreable!! Gorgeous colors a real cutsie. Mandy x

Jorgelina said...

Your blog enchants to me.
I adore the world of you foretell and his magic.
You are a very talented artist.
A greeting from Argetina .
In my blog I have translator.

Marie Antionette said...

Hi Lisa sweetie,This is just to cute,I think your mind just keeps ticking off all these lovely things.I went though some of the post I missed,cause I can't blog all the time...LOL...But know that I'm watching.Anywho.I love everything you do,I'm one of your biggest fans.XXOO Marie Antionette

Jamie said...

Oh how beautiful the Queen of Fairyland is!! You make the most wonderful treasures!

I just posted about your Soiree and gave a couple of sneak girls are soo excited, hehe! My four-year-old is trying to grasp the idea of having a party with others but not leaving the house ;-)

Chat soon,
Jamie :-)

Valarie said...

This is so adorable...your imagination is infectious. I have so much fun reading your blog, have a wonderful day. Valarie

faerie enchantment said...

Thank you all for making my day shine, all your comments are truly wonderful!
Super Hugs, Magic and Enchantment to each of you!


Coastal Sisters said...

Lisa, this little Queen is just full of fabulosity!

Thank you for popping over for a visit to my nest :)


~Tracy~ said...

Beautiful !!

I've not been blogging much the past year due to the passing of my dear mom, but now I'm back and getting ready to list my new 'line' of whimsical treasures.

I just love your blog, so colorful, fun, full of happy life ! There's so much to do here too. I want to participate in a swap and will when my Etsy shop gets new listings :)

You've been so busy. Oh, I love the carnival images too.

Pop on by my blog one day and say hi :)

Take care ♥ Tracy ~ravensmagiclantern~

Debra said...

It looks to be a fine part. Love all the glitter and fairie goodness. I cannot wait for the carnival!

I have a blog award waiting for you please stop in to receive it.

Tiedupmemories said...

Lisa..She is just lovely!So much fun and pretty all in one!

mendytexas said...

Everything is so colorful and all the WalMart finds!! You just never know when you can find the best treasures!!! You get in the mood for spring...

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much everyone for visiting her majesty The Queen of Fairyland and her Easter Garden.

Mendy, I'm loving the Walmart goodies this Easter! LOL!, I asked my mom for each chocolate rabbit color! LOL!

Magic and Joy!

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much everyone for visiting her majesty The Queen of Fairyland and her Easter Garden.

Mendy, I'm loving the Walmart goodies this Easter! LOL!, I asked my mom for each chocolate rabbit color! LOL!

Magic and Joy!

kecia said...

i got to see this in person yesterday and i just wanted to pretend i was on an easter egg hunt and put it in my easter basket (aka purse.....)!