Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Carousels of Magic, Carnival Games and Sweet Confections! Post Four

Albious Woodsby and his crew spent oover a week winding the carousel, check each light bulb and detailing the elaborate horses. Albious' assistant Laurel has added a special symphony to the organ hidden deep inside the core of the carousel! Don't you hear the different melodies playing now.

Click on the playlist on the right you will see an option for pop out player, click on that, it will bring you to a new playlist screen, now you can navigate and leave comments on the various posts or on fellow soiree attendees and still listen to the music emanating from the main carnival.

Isn't this Carousel gorgeous, Now Sage and I are off to visit the Winchester Pavillion and Carousel which is located Carnival Games located in the Carlisle Pavillion, the Candyland Court and Food Pavillions.

A new cotton candy flavor, Blue Raspberry, Grape Flavored Candy Apples and Peanut Butter and Jelly Sundaes are being released as new items. There is also Sweet Rainbow Kettle Corn and Snickerdoodle Animal Crackers, all guests to the SugarPops Show will receive free candy jewelry, either necklace or bracelet, first come first show only.

Since we are in a Carousel groove, we had to ride the Winchester, and I had to wear my Winchester Style Hat as well, wouldn't you? After ten glorious minutes, we headed for the Carlisle Pavillion where many of the games are located.

On our way there we were greeted by one of the many clowns and performers at the Carnival such as Carnegie The Clown
I know he looks a tad bit scary, but he is super sweet as is Tellie Sailorson, a fellow clown performer who portrays a Sailor.
Honestly its the make up and masks they were which look a bit scary but they put on a great show. Right along Clown Alley. "Hey Sage, there's the Carlisle Pavillion Tent!"
Carlisle Pavillion Curtain!
We quickly raced to the tent to start playing games and collecting our prize tokens, all you could hear was: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Step Right Up!", "Come on in, Play a Game and Stay!"

Carlisle Pavillion, Games, Tokens!
Carlisle Pavillion, Games, Tokens! 2
It's nearly 12pm, Sage and I have been playing games for almost an hour straight, collecting tokens, and tickets to spend in the Carlisle Pavillion or to save and spend inside The Tinsel Tent. Inside the Tinsel Tent you will find the Royal Flyers Show, The Dunk The Queen Game, The Tinsel Parade and Sparkling Doll Carousel and stands filled from top to bottom with Carnival Dolls, waiting for you to buy or use your tokens on....I think I'm going to head over to the Tinsel Tent and find some dolls to spend my tokens on............


Tumbleweed Trails said...

The Cotton Candy is delicous. I am off to the Carousel to enjoy the ride and finish the Cotton Candy.

SarahD said...

Lisa, The carousel was so much fun just loved it!!!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

but I wanna ride the carousel!!!!!


Tecu'Mish said...

What fun! Let's go.......!

Tiedupmemories said...

The kettle corn is delicious!I'm in awe of the beautiful carousel!

Story said...

I can't wait to get to the carousel. Morning Glory Bird got sidetracked. She bought herself a new little cape and a party hat to match. Right after that...she went to The Delicious Cake Shop. I dallied too long things are moving along so divinely. This is so much fun lisa! I am challenging myself to quickly make up items for my bird journeying to your party today! thanks for a great party.

April said...

Oh, cotton candy is one of my favorite treats! Yum!

bluemuf said...

loved the rainbow flavoured kettle corn and I had to take two rides on the wonderful carousel.


Michelle said...

I love carousels the best!!! Oh and all the food. :)

Noodlegirl said...

Ohhhhhh I want the cotton candy and the carousel is gorgeous!

faerie enchantment said...

I want to go back and ride the carousel's again too, they were so much fun, each of them were different and piping out magical symphonies!

I'm filled up on Cotton Candy and Kettle Korn, its overload!


Stacy/Creativemuse said...

I love the Snickerdoodle animal Crackers....did you know Disney is putting smells in their rides? we just went to California Adventure and when we were in a Bugs life ride we munched thur the animal cracker box and apple and watermelon and candy corn...the each had a! I can't wait to play!

Ann said...

Rode the crousel over and fun!!! It' all I can do not to try every treat offered!! Ann

Jamie said...

I think I'm going to be sick...{too many carousel rides, hehe}.

StampinMom :-)

KarenHarveyCox said...

The carousel and all of it's magic. I remember riding one when I was a little girl that was a permanent fixture left over from a carnival that set up at Mid Island Plaza in Hicksville, Long Island. They had a brass ring to catch and if you won the golden one, you won a free ride. I remember so many times when I reached so far to grab the brass ring, I almost fell. Until I figured out if you stood on you other foot and held on for dear could manage it. Thanks for the memories and for hosting such a grand event.

Cher said...

mm mm more cotton candy! too fun! cher