Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Turn Illustrations Into Mixed Media Projects!
Mixed Media Painting is the trendiest form of art right now, everyone, everywhere wants to learn how to illustrate and create mixed media masterpieces, honestly its really very easy to do, and a way for self expression, but mixed media painting/illustration isn't limited to just paper, paint, and canvas, try clay painting or turning your illustrations into 3-D projects such as an embellishment on an atc, create a mixed media crown, doll or book.
Candy Carnival: Bunny Crown Swap! 2
In this following image I drew a crown shape on a large piece of water color paper, added scrapbook paper, and started to paint onto it using acrylics and crackle mediums, then on separate pieces of watercolor paper I painted candy and a sweet fairytale face and bunny ears, cut out and glued to my crown, followed by cut-outs, paper punched flowers, crepe paper, lettering and glitter. This crown was my swap crown with Susie Scott!Candy Carnival: Bunny Crown Swap!In the picture above, is a set of atc's I made for the mermaid atc swap I was hosting on the faerie zine, I photocopied my illustration and placed on a piece of chipboard atc size, and embellished.The Fiji Mermaid TheaterIn this picture I turned an un-finished shadow box from AC Moore into an Illustrative Assemblage filled with mostly hand-drawn and painted pieces cut out and attached. The fiji mermaid face is from one of my watercolor pieces which I photocopied and cut out to use as the new face on this mermaid for the assemblage. In May I'm teaching The Illustrative Assemblage at the Summit Visual Arts Center! Hope to see you there.
The Primitive Sugar Pop CrownHere is a primitive and sweet piece I made called: The Primitive Sugar Pop Crown, with a posterboard base, cover entirely with my love: Model Magic, which I used plenty of times in my art book: Altered Art Circus, Just love Crayola, don't you? The tinsel is from Tinsel Trading, The crepe paper is vintage and the rest is paint, glitter and more.Let Them Eat Cake Bidcage Crown!4Here is yet another crown I made from recycled bits, pieces, flocked velvet paper, and hand sculpted bird doll, and hand painted/glittered candy lollipops, along with satin ribbon and the new faux rhinestone embellishments in my etsy store.WickedHere is the handcolored atc I made a few years back called wicked: Using an old faded pictured, prismacolor pencils and paint thinner, along with glitter and distressed inks from Ranger Ink. Today I'd recommend Ranger blending solution, for less smell, a tip from Patti and Debbi at Ranger.The Queen of Hearts ChroniclesThese Royal Queens are from an art card pocket I made awhile back and were published in Artitude Zine. They were painted in using acrylic paints and gel pens.The Queen of Hearts ChroniclesHere is the cover of that pocket which I called: The Queen of Hearts Chronicles, here I made a peapod using acrylic paints, liquid starch and glue, to sculpt the watercolor paper. I love stretching and sculpting water color paper, so many possibilities, you will learn that in The Illustrative Assemblage too!

Here are just a few illustrative examples, I hope you start branching from mixed media paintings into mixed media painted projects soon and I hope these inspired you today!

Have a magical filled day!


Elaine A said...

Lisa -

I just love your work. You bring such imagination and fun to everything you do. Thank you - you have inspired me to finally start on my mermaid diorama. My sister loves mermaids and I have been planning for weeks to do something for her, but keep putting it off. Yourl little mermaid has encouraged me to start. In fact, I think I saw the 3-D wooden boxes on sale in Michaels, so will stop there to get that and get started. Thanks again.

Elaine Allen

chinamommy said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG (yes, i'm yelling that!!). i love that you are a teacher & not keeping everything top-secret! Love it, love it, love it!
~misschell (chinamommy)

MaygreenFairies said...

Extremely inspiring hun, as always!! And what wonderful spring colors in all of these pieces, they all put a big smile on my face! Mandy x

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

what an amazing blog!! WOW! my chin was on the floor, you are so talented!


My Journey to Hope said...

Thanks for the great examples and tons of inspiration, Lisa!


Lola Enchanted said...

Oh hello my dear Queen! I'm oooowwing and awwwing over that crown!!!!!!

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much everyone! I'm working on loads of new things, tomm. I'll have Magic in Easterland up on the blog, with glittered eggs, etc.

Magic and Joy!

Poetic Dreams said...

Wonderful entry and beautiful colors! Hugs~

Bone*Head*Studios said...

These Easter creations are just lovely!!!