Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zne Convenzione April 29-May 3,2009,I'm Teaching/Signing/Vending!

Come join me and other artists for an artful adventure in Pleasanton, California April 29-May 3, 2009 at Zne Convenzione.

To sign up for my DOLL MARIONETTE THEATRE Workshop click on this link:
This class is on Thursday 4/30/09 from 10am-5pm, $25.00

Some samples:
Art Doll Chronicles Theater Book!
Art Doll Chronicles Theater Book!13Learn Silhouettes for your theater
Fairytale Silhouettes!
Each student will also receive my handmade charlotte doll supplies as well:
New Supplies: Charlotte Dollies, Rainbow!2
The Doll Marionette Theatre Assemblage!

Sit back and envision a vintage world of dolls, magic and mystery, a place where dolls come to life with a sprinkle or two of magic, just like Pinnochio did, but remember to be honest like him or you could become a marionette working in the traveling puppet theatre, performing every night for ever. Come embark on an adventure with me into a world of magic, carnivals, theatres and dolls in my workshop entitled: The Doll Marionette Theatre Assemblage!
The student will construct a shadow box theatre from scratch, which will be layered with vintage images, one color silhouettes, vellum, clay figures and a doll marionette. Learn clay sculpting, doll making and marionette techniques, image layering, silhouette design and cutting, paper design and 3-d assemblage techniques, shadow box construction and more
Lisa's class will be filled with lots of Lisa Magic, Surprises, and Doll Splendor!

For this class, you will be required to bring and old thick book, or visit the doller store or book store for the cheapest thick hardcover book. This will be your theatre base, plus scissors or fave decorate supplies, Other then that, I'll be supplying everything!
The Fairytale Boat Follies! My Tinsel Workshop! 2
To sign up for my Fairy Tale Follies Box Assemblage Workshop click on this link:
This class is on Friday 5/1/09 from 10am-5pm, $25.00
This is the class I taught last year at Tinsel Trading, in NYC, now I will be able to teach it in California! So Exciting!
Halloween Carnival Boat!Halloween Carnival Boat! 4The Carnival Follies Symphony of Magic!3The Carnival Follies Symphony of Magic!4
"In a land far far away where blue birds and sparrows can be heard singing sweet melodies as they fly by, a land where boats don't need water to sail, just a sprinkle of pixie dust on their sails and away they go, sailing gracefully through the sky, over storybook places such as Mother Goose Corner, Wonderland and Mermaid Cove where Peter and his bandits from Neverland can be seen playing mischievious pranks on Captain Kidd and his men.

Come set sail with Lisa Kettell on the Fairytale Boat of Dreams in her workshop entitled: The Fairytale Follies Box Assemblage!

The student will construct a boat form on a box complete with storybook sails, characters and loads of magical glitter. Learn basic clay techniques, image layering, paper design and 3-d assemblage techniques.

This class will be filled with lots of Lisa Magic, Surprises, and more."

I'll be supplying everything for this workshop as well! To see more of my samples for this workshop and the one at Tinsel click here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moonfaires16/sets/72157606992244834/

If you want to go to the Zne Convenzione but are having difficulty paying please click on this link entitled: Pay What You Can and learn more!http://www.znecon.citymax.com/PWYC.html

If you are attending my classes, let me know, there could be an extra surprise traveling with me in my luggage!
Book Signing Info:

Zne Info
To register for other Workshops/Classes :

Schedule of Events:

Key Note Speaker:
Michele Beschen

Is Convenzione 2009's Keynote Speaker, all ZNE ConvenZioNE registrants are invited to join everyone as Michele shares her inspiration for living a creative life!
Learn more about Michele here: http://www.znecon.com/page/page/5965786.htm

The Art and Paperie

Fabulous Monday May 4 Add On

Alamdea County Fairgrounds!

Lodging and Travel Info:
All events take place in and around Pleasanton, California - which is in the San Francisco East Bay Area.
Aproximate Driving Distance from city limits:

From San Francisco - 40 Miles
From San Jose - 30 Miles
From Oakland - 30 Miles
From Sacramento - 95 Miles
Nearest Airports: Oakland International
To reserve a room: https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=70547 hotel recommended is the Pleasanton Marriott


snippetgirl said...

Oh, how is wish i could attend this!! I know it would be oodles of fun! The projects look amazing.

Bee Serendipitous said...

Good Morning Lisa!...oh how I wish I had met you sooner and I would have put my pennies aside so that I could go to CA. to take your classes and go site seeing - its been a long time since I've been there....maybe next time....maybe if I wished upon a star hard enough maybe my wish will come true...if not I wish YOU loads of fun in your adventures to CA....have a honey of a day! Hugs & Wishes 2 "U" :O) Marlene aka "QBeeC" PS everything turn out great for me with my procedure! Yeahhhhh!

faerie enchantment said...

OOOh thanks everyone!
I'll take loads of pics in Cali!

Bee-So glad you are better!

Parcel soon!

Magic and Joy to you both!